Saturday, January 1, 2011

Must Withstand Tonka.

: I wanted jewelry for Christmas that reminded me of the kids.

: A pink sapphire ring, to represent pink tourmaline, which is Cub's alternate birthstone (because pink works quite well to represent my baby girl, too).

: I preferred sapphire to tourmaline because, well, hefty price tags are not quite my taste.


: A locket.

: Waiting to house pictures of my two cute kiddos.


: There was a time in my life when I thought "mom jewelry" was maybe a little lame.

: But maybe I was the one who was a little lame.


Have a lovely day.


  1. wow. i love that locket! it is fantastic!

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  3. Let's try this again. Very cool "mom" jewelry. I love the locket.

  4. "mom jewelry" can be very you've just proved. :) I love the locket and the chain! and the ring! ok, it would have been easier if I had just said "I love it all!" ;)

  5. Beautiful! The great thing about it is that no one else would ever know it is mom has significance to you without being a bunch of little stick children with birthstone bellies dangling from a chain ;)

  6. Love the locket and PINK ring :) Lots of FUN !