Monday, December 13, 2010

That's a Wrap!

For years, I was known as the Gift Bag Lady.

Last year, I bought wrapping paper.

This year, I bought ribbon.

That's right. I stepped up my game. All of our gifts are wrapped and ribboned.

(And it was actually really fun! Who knew?)


  1. I love wrapping Christmas gifts! But this year I am having to share my love with my children. Having a hard time sharing I just love wrapping Christmas presents.
    Your presents look beautiful!

  2. Great job! Yeah I'm attempting wrapping paper myself this year. Hopefully it will go well but if not I have gift bags on hand as a back up :)

  3. Oh, I know some people who knew! Hooray for you - ditching the gift bag thing. So very proud. Now if I could only get motivated to wrap the very few presents I have bought.