Monday, August 2, 2010

A Whole New World.


Cub never really took to pacifiers. At two months, he spit out his hospital-issued pacifier, found his thumb, and the rest is history. And, oh my word, I received so much flack for having a thumb-sucker. This was crazy to me. He could self-soothe, his thumb was always attached ... but for some reason, certain people were appalled with his habit and warned his teeth would be ruined forever. You could take away a pacifier, but you can't take away a thumb! As a former thumb-sucker, this was funny to me. I quit the habit at a young age. Cub chose his thumb, I didn't choose it for him. Anyway. I think this is yet another baby topic that people love to have opinions about!

I knew from the beginning that Naomi would be a pacifier baby. Her sucking reflex is crazy. The poor baby has a sad little stomach, and her pacifier has given her relief when she gets so wound up she can't relax and release gas. I'm more than happy to accommodate her, but this pacifier thing is new to me. I asked advice from friends and scoured the pacifier aisle at Target. I checked out some different options, and so far she likes this one:

Avent. Cute, yes? I'm sure her taste will change as she gets older, but for now, this is the winner. Who knew there were so many pacifier options?

Or adorable accessories??

An owl pacifier clip, a la Etsy. On its way to my house. Love.

So. Any pacifier advice out there? Dos and don'ts?

Have a lovely day!


  1. first, love the owl clip. adorable. second, i agree. this is a topic that people have an opinion on and are not afraid to share! little e loves dummies (as pacifiers are called in the UK) and i have had lots of opinions on the good and bad of letting her have one. i spent a long time worrying about it too. but it came down to this. it helps e, it calms her, so there we have it. she gets her dummy. she wont have it forever, she will eventually grow out of it. so just go with it katie. if it is good for your child then, done. use it. dont listen to others negativity about it. both your children will grow up to be fine and healthy! :)

  2. My son used a pacifier for 2 years. He stopped using it when he felt fit. People are always quick to voice their opinions when they think they are right.

    If it works for her let her use the paci. It won't kill her, and it actually can help prevent SIDS at least thats what my pediatrician told me.

  3. When Livy was about 4-5 months, I switched her over to the MAM pacis. They have super cute designs on them. Livy loved her paci too. It was her COMFORT:)

  4. My son took a paci until about 5 months then quit on his own. I don't think it matters what they use to comfort them (fingers, thumbs, toes, pacifiers, blankets, etc.) as long as it soothes them. My sister sucked her thumb until she was around three and then stopped on her own. My brother used a pacifier, and I had a blanket. I have some friends that are opposed to any sort of soother - pacifier, thumbs, blankets, night lights. It's because they don't want to have to deal with these things as their kids get older, but I think it's cruel and lazy. Kids need comfort. If the paci brings comfort then more power to you.

  5. My girl only likes the Avent pacis too!

  6. both of mine have crazy sucking reflexes (i think lincoln's succeeds CRAZY even) and we have only ever used avent. My favorite thing is they're mostly clear and don't hide their pretty little faces. :) really that's the only reason but they love them.

  7. Riggs takes a paci (also a big sucker...I started using it to relieve myself from feedings that could exceed an hour in those early weeks. Finally realized it was the sucking and not the eating he was after!). A close friend of mine is a pediatric dental resident. She says that for their teeth a paci is better than a finger and that NUK brand is ultimately the best for their teeth. But she also says that finger or paci, as long as they quit it before the age of 4 there isn't going to be long term damage to their teeth. (I'm kinda hoping Riggs swaps the paci for the thumb because of the self-soothing factor!) You are right... SO MANY vocal opinions out there!