Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Diaper Bag Switcheroo.

This is the diaper bag I was using before Naomi was born. We'll call her Sofie:

Okay, I know, it isn't actually a diaper bag. I'm one of those multipurpose people who makes her diaper bag and her purse one and the same. This bag has everything I love. It is cute, roomy, and has a long strap to wear across my chest to make for that invaluable hands-free agility. And, it's Coach. Love me some Coach.


The only downside to using this bag was that I actually used it. Meaning it came to know many a place, such as the floor (nursery floor and living room floor and car floor), the back hatch of our car, the bottom of the grocery cart and the countertops in several bathrooms. I'm not gentle with my bags. And once Naomi came along, the abuse only increased. The shiny white leather began to fade. The gleaming white straps began to darken. Despite several cleanings, Sofie was losing her luster. And I kind of began to feel bad for beating up something so ... nice.

Now, I realize that the point of owning a purse or bag is to use it. But, this bag wasn't exactly made for wear and tear. And then it became a stewardship issue, that perhaps I should reserve this bag for nicer occasions and find something a tad more rugged in the meantime.

So. Meet Chuck:

I've been eyeing this bag at Target and after my bowling victory, my husband conceded to its purchase. A friend of mine has a bag that is the kind of leather you can beat up and I wanted to find something similar. The canvas can take a beating and is easy to clean. The leather is the kind of leather that gets softer and better the more you abuse it. It has compartments for all of my stuff, plus the across-the-chest strap for that invaluable hands-free agility. And, I think it's cute. A different kind of cute than the Coach bag. Sofie is lovely. Chuck is cute.

And, I don't feel bad when Chuck gets thrown onto the pavement as I rush after a wayward shopping cart with my toddler still strapped in.

Don't feel too badly for Sofie. She is currently resting on the knob of my closet door. She's great for dates and still gets out, but her life is a little easier. Cheap Chuck will take blows for now.

Have a lovely day!


  1. Good ol' Cheap Chuck. He'll serve you well! :)

  2. I don't normally care for Coach bags too much (I know, blasphemy...I'm just not a Coach girl), but that one is really cute!

  3. Cute! I use a big purse as a diaper bag too.