Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Copout Tuesday: Second Attempt!

Okay folks! Here we go again! The kids are both down for naps, so we'll see if I can get a little further this time. BECAUSE! While this post may be pointless, I still feel the need to finish it!

Who knows. Anyway.

Another post of random thoughts by yours truly:

1) Um, I like Luvs diapers or something about that, right?

2) Still want a beach.

3) My hair has some workable wave, thanks to post-pregnancy hormones and Midwestern humidity. I prefer Aveda liquid gel when I want to touch it up with a curling iron and John Frieda Frizz-Ease mousse when I want the waves to be a bit ... stiff?

4) I have to have noise all day long, whether it be music or television. I prefer music, but cannot, for the life of me, find the cable to plug in my iPod. Bummer.

5) Today is my first attempt to have Naomi on a three-hour feeding routine with the whole feed/wake/sleep pattern. This past weekend pretty much smashed any prior routine-making attempts, so this week, it's ON. She's starting to wake up more, so I want to make sure that wake time is after feedings. We'll see how it goes.

6) Speaking of our Little Mouse, last night she had the worst gas attack. We tried everything we could to soothe her and she just screamed and screamed. When Cub would get gas at her age, we would give him a paci and lay him on his side and pat him until he fell asleep. This position wasn't working for Naomi, so we kept changing it up until we found something that worked: Sitting up, leaning on my arm, while I rubbed her back. She burped five times. I'm glad we know now what works for our little chickadee, but man, that was a rough hour. Look at her little face, red from crying!

7) Not sure what caused the gas. Some people say that babies only get gas because they gulp air when they nurse/take a bottle, and other people say it is food-related. I'm on the fence.

8) The littlest one is awakening again! Quick! Um ... let's see ... running out of thoughts ...

9) ... which means it's time to post a picture ...

10) Ta-Da!

Happy Fourth of July!

Have a lovely day. :)


  1. haha. I love Cub's face in the last picture:) I remember when Livy would get gas as a newborn. I did NOT like it when my baby was hurting.

  2. I heart Luv's as well :-) And Mikki has had a few bouts with gas too, so I've been trying to eat safe foods, whatever that means!! Not been bad on that front though, Alex had more frequent gas episodes...but it's only been 6 weeks...so, fingers crossed!! :-)

  3. Love Cub's face in that last photo! So cute they both are.