Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Yes, She's In There.

After attempting to cram all of our stuff into the cart like this ...

... I have invested in one of these.

Little N is still just a bit too small for the Bjorn. Plus, I've always wanted to try a sling. When I first tried it on, I didn't love it, but Naomi did. She snuggled right in. After wearing it around the house for a while, I think I love it, too!


  1. It looks like it fits you very well! I'm glad she likes it! E wasn't a fan of the sling; she's a sweat bucket and I think she just got too hot in it all the time.

    Note, if N is sleeping next time you shop and want to take the carrier in the store, see if your carseat will balance sideways across the cart. It gives you more room to buy stuff. ;) And when they get older and more alert, they have a better view of all Target has to offer. Ha!

  2. My first two were 13 months apart, and my son wouldn't do the sling. So yeah. My cart was always ridiculous.

    This baby loves it. So I can Moby her all day long and it's all kinds of fantastic. Thank God. Because taking all three to the store means I SO need my hands free.

  3. Oh, very nice! Tell me, did you get a hotsling or is that a ring sling?


  4. It's a hotsling made by Munchkin from Target!

  5. LOVE the sling. I totally want to be a baby-wearing mama one day. It's supposed to facilitate all kinds of awesome bonding. And I like to multitask.

  6. it looks like everything just fit! =] good job on crossing that off your "summer list"..your kids are so beautiful!