Tuesday, June 1, 2010

One Of These Is Not Like The Other ...

I am now 37 weeks pregnant with Naomi. I thought I was 37 weeks last week, but I was wrong. Apparently, Naomi was measuring 37 weeks, but I was only 36 weeks pregnant. Now I am 37 weeks pregnant and Naomi is measuring at 38 weeks.

I'm not exactly sure what those last few sentences meant, but I DO know that it means OH MY WORD, BABY ON THE WAY!!

We're just a tad thrilled around here.

I'm trying to go on with life as usual. Like, for instance, this afternoon my father-in-law invited me to a gala he was attending for a local foundation. Sweet! So, I put on my tallest heels and headed out. I almost fell out of the car. And I tripped a few times. And I had to peel my feet out of the shoes because they were so swollen. But shoot, I did it! Tall heels at 37 weeks!

Graceful waddle and all!

As if that means anything. Anyway. You get the point--I'm doing my best to not sit around and WAIT. Wait wait wait. I'm trying to stay busy.

In a few days, I will be at the point in my pregnancy when I went into labor with Cub. For a while I figured this little lady would follow suit, but I'm beginning to have my doubts. This pregnancy has proven to be completely different than my pregnancy with Cub. I've mentioned this before, but the differences keep coming. Observe:

Cub Naomi

Low progesterone, had to take hormones Progesterone is fine

UTIs throughout the entire second trimester No UTIs

Posterior presentation Normal

Swollen feet and hands Minimal swelling

Couldn't wear heels past 10 weeks (balance issues) Loving heels

No signs of early lactation Early lactation

Negative Group B Strep Positive Group B

No dehydration Dehydration

Carried low Carried high

(Pardon the crooked formatting.) See? It's just a tad different this time around. Which is still very crazy to me. The only similarities in the pregnancies were the occurrences of morning sickness in the first trimester and early dilation. Everything else has been very, very different! So, all this to say, I wouldn't be surprised if our baby girl decided to stay put for a few more weeks, just to stand out from her brother!! Unfortunately, I'm beginning to get to the "done" stage. I really feel done. I've loved being pregnant and, obviously, Naomi's health is of utmost importance. But, I'll be honest ... I'm done. I'm ready to hold my son on my lap comfortably (and my daughter!). I'm ready to wrestle on the floor with him and lay on my stomach when we read books together. I miss those things. Very badly.

I'm also ready to not fall out of cars and trip frequently.

But, we'll see! For now, we're both hanging in there.

Did anyone else out there who has more than one child experience totally different pregnancies??


  1. Even though my mom's three pregnancies were all different we all delivered between 2-3 weeks early. Also she had no signs she would go into labor even 24 hours before she went into labor. The doctor would always say she had a couple weeks to go and then the next day she would go into labor. So maybe Naomi will be here sooner than you think.

  2. Yes! Not even queasy with the first, nauseous for the entire first trimester with the second (and therefore convinced the second was a girl- nope.), constant sciatic pain with #2 beginning around week 24, barely an ache with #1. Their births couldn't have been more different, as well! 21 hours total with #1, 6 (!!!!!) with #2. He came so quickly, his father delivered him just before he (potentially) fell into our bathroom toilet. Our midwife arrived 5 minutes after our son did.

    And they're still proving just how different they are from one another! Excited for you as you enjoy life with 2!

  3. It's so weird how different pregnancies can be! I'm hoping when I get pregnant again I won't be throwing up for the entire first 5 months!

  4. My pregnancy was completely different than Karoline's pregnancy. I had UTI's all the time with Karoline. None with Livy! Every U/S with Karoline, we got discouraging news. Every U/S with Olivia, we got wonderful news. They were actually both in ICU. Karoline, of course, very sick! Olivia swallowed my amniotic fluid and needed her lungs cleared out then oxygen. So, yes, two very different pregnancies! Each pregnancy was a gift from God. Can't wait for little Naomi to get here. I know you are excited:)