Friday, May 21, 2010

Feel Good Friday: Happy Anniversary, Babe!

Five years ago today, my husband and I pledged "for better or for worse". And, I can honestly say, in those five short years, we've seen both.

And I wouldn't change a thing.

In honor of those five years, I will give a Top Five List:

1) Best Memories: Obviously, the birth of our son tops the list! As far as just the two of us, our trip to Arlington last summer, hands down. It was a last-minute decision to get away for the weekend and we had a blast. We went to Six Flags and had so much fun. I love having fun with my husband.

2) Best Pet Peeves That Still Ring True: He leaves his underwear next to the hamper, not in the hamper, and I "misplace" his things!!

3) Challenges: I obviously am not going to share anything confidential within our marriage. :) But, one of our biggest challenges has been watching different family members struggle with different kinds of illnesses, and knowing how to be there for each other while also giving each other space to deal with it.

4) Favorite Qualities: My husband is an absolute goofball. It's genetic. I also love how quietly confident he is. He's told me his favorite qualities about me are the way I "glow" when I interact with other people and how I make him laugh. We also both love watching each other parent.

5) What Makes It Work: Communication, communication, communication. I think I can safely say that after five years, we've finally figured out how to communicate. Rather than shirking away from confrontation, we've learned to embrace it, and to address issues promptly rather than letting them fester. BUT, most importantly, we've learned the best way to approach each other. I'm sensitive, he's a little tougher. And we approach each other accordingly. We've also learned that keeping it light and funny is priceless. Some issues in marriage are huge and should be dealt with seriously. Most, however, are not. Simple honesty and lots of laughter go a long way.

There you have it, friends! My Feel Good Friday.

Have a lovely day!


  1. Awe, Happy Anniversary! You have a beautiful family.

  2. congratulations katie! you guys had a beautiful wedding and now just a few years later a beautiful little family! :)

  3. Congratulations Katie! You are so wonderful!