Tuesday, April 20, 2010

While Picking Up My Caramel Mocha.

Yesterday in the Starbucks drive-thru, the lady in front of me was tweezing her eyebrows at lightning speed using her rearview mirror.

I was at first impressed with her obvious brow agility, but was then further impressed that she had the thought to bring her tweezers with her on her way to wherever she was going. I've done my mascara a time a or two in the car, but never tweezed.

I'm wondering if eyebrow maintenance would be more desirable to me if I had a pair of travel tweezers. I've been good, though, y'all. I've checked my eyebrows every morning (okay, maybe every other morning), lest they explode into a mass of tangles that hang over my eyes. I'm not sure why eyebrows have always been my El Guapo, but looking back in pictures, I can always tell when I was paying them proper attention. Summer as a camp counselor? NO. Wedding day? YES. Caleb's first few months of life? NO NO NO. This pregnancy? YES.

I think I forget that prenatals could possibly cause a little extra growth-age, too.

Tweezer Girl finished her plucking and then stared in the rearview mirror ... and therefore noticed that I was staring at her (with wide eyes and a mouth hanging open in awe and reverence), and she thusly threw on her sunglasses and proceeded to pull forward and retrieve whatever coffee delicacy she happened to be purchasing that morning.

This causes me to wonder: Did I miss the part of growing up where someone was supposed to teach me about proper eyebrow maintenance? Is this my Mom's fault? Her eyebrows always look nice, but I doubt she has to do much to them. I have my DAD'S eyebrows, not my MOM'S. I guess I'm past the age of blaming, but, you get the point.

Please note that this is another completely pointless post regarding eyebrows and my frustration/fascination with eyebrow maintenance. I am doing my best to learn the secrets of the trade.

Laser treatment, perhaps?

Have a lovely day!


  1. I volunteer to pluck them for you. As you know, I'm a bit obsessed with correct eyebrow shaping, so lemme. I love Tweezerman tweezers, too. I'm also lame. Did I mention that...? ;)

  2. I totally have a pair of travel tweezers...but that is because I am italian and my hair grows like crazy, especially being pregnant. I now will have hairs show up all day long. I have definitely been guilty of tweesing in route to somewhere more than once. My husband now laughs everytime I grab them out when we are driving somewhere. I get them waxed every once in a while to help with the but that is more for shaping as they grow too much for me to handle.
    Sorry that was kind of random information for you but I was laughing through this post as there have been many times i have put my sunglasses on after noticing someone watching me. Glad to know their response could be one of awe and not utter disguist.

  3. I, um, always tweeze in the car. It's not because I don't have time to tweeze at home, or because I'm a maniacal tweezer. It's just that all the natural light flooding the car makes for the most complete and accurate tweezing job.

    Notably, I don't have a pair of travel tweezers. I just keep my regular ones in my purse. :)

  4. I too look back on many pictures and think, "Oh, the eyebrows! If only I had known!" I still go through periods of neglect, but I have found that my hair stylist waxes a mean eyebrow, so once she gets me freshened up I can keep up the shape pretty well. Highly recommend that approach! (And one of my distinct memories of living with Erin was that touching up her brows was a part of her daily make up routine...it was enlightening to realize that good brows take a quick daily touch up! Then you don't have to torture yourself for the whole shebang all at once! That girl is a genius!) Did I really just write this much about eyebrows??? I think I did...

  5. hahah great post! i always laugh at the people tweezing their eyebrows and doing their make-up WHILE DRVING...!! must take talent to be able to do that!!

  6. I keep tweezers in the car too because it is always when I notice them, good lighting i guess!

  7. yea i'm another one who keeps tweezers in her car (and purse usually). the natural light in the car is the best and it's a great way to kill time while waiting in a drive thru line :)