Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Ridin' Dirty.

I really love my car.

Have I mentioned this before?

We drive a 2007 Honda CRV and it's the best car I've ever owned. The back seats recline comfortably for passengers and car seats, there is ample storage in the cargo area, and it handles like a dream. The convenience of driving a car, but bigger and a tad more functional.

I really do love it.

So, one has to wonder, then, how something I so absolutely love can end up so filthy by the end of the week. By Friday, the leather seats are streaked with milk. The fuzzy floor panels are embedded with dirt and crumbs and the cupholders are jammed full of cups or receipts. The area in front of Cub's car seat is typically packed with superfluous diaper bags, overnight bags, toys, and a random assortment of books.


It's safe to say that we kind of live in our car during the week.

I've tried coming up with creative ways to keep it clean, or to make one day a week "Clean The Car Day!" Unfortunately, none of these things have worked. This week I've simply tried to remember to empty it out every day at the end of the day, to avoid a headache by Friday. It's worked thusly, but I know that all it will take is a moment of absent-mindedness and the mess will resume. Curses!

So. Does anyone else have this issue?? Any tips for a mom who is about to double her cargo load?? :)

Have a lovely day!


  1. I have to do the once-a-week clean-out. My kids are bigger now so they can clean out their own stuff, but stuff still accumulates, nonetheless. It's just part of my chore list at this point :)

  2. this same thing happens to I hope someone has some good suggestions!! we better come up with something soon!!!

  3. I use tote bags in my car... I have a garbage bag, a stuff to go inside bag, a stuff to go to my office bag, a stuff to drop off bag (be it donations or library books), and a stuff that stays in the car bag....

    So as random stuff accumulates in my car, I throw it in the appropriate tote, which are in the trunk and on the back seat floorboards. Then when the tote is full I bring the bag inside or drop off what needs dropped off or throw away the garbage etc.

  4. I have the same problem and it makes Jonathan crazy! He is religious about cleaning out the car as he gets out of it, so I am really trying to be better about taking EVERYTHING back into the house when I come home and keeping trash contained to one little side compartment of the car that I empty when I fill up with gas. It is taking some discipline to force myself to just take stuff in immediately (and I would imagine this gets more complicated once you are also trying to get a CHILD inside! :)

  5. I'm getting worse and worse at this as the weeks pass...I am of no help. But I love CRV's! :)