Monday, April 26, 2010

Thoughts From A Sick Day.

Today my husband and I were awoken with a Mr. Fussy Sicky Pants McGee who stormed into our room (early) and started our day (after a sleepless night) on a bit of a haphazard note. Just for kicks, I wrote down random thoughts and stuff that happened throughout the day, to document what a sick day in the life of a Mom can feel like.

Or, at least, what mine felt like!

(For your entertainment.)

-Okay. You can do this, you can do this...find your head, attach it, crawl out of bed, find his sippy cup, get some milk ...



-Dear Starbucks Drive-Thru: Thank you. Thank you thank you thank you. Love, Katie

-Okay. Deep breath. Enjoy the drive. Re-focus. This might be the only quiet time you get all day, so embrace it! Live quietly. Work with your hands. Do what you need to do with a peaceful attitude. Your brain will eventually catch up.

-The doctor's office opens at 8:00 and it's 8:04!! Why aren't they answering? Oh, wait, I'm anal. Good morning, yes, 1:30 would be fine. Thank you.

-The earlier we go to Target, the more acceptable it will be that we are still in our pajamas.

-Cub, please refrain from sucking on the shopping cart. That's probably how we ended up in this situation in the first place.

-Dear Creators of Boogie Wipes: My son's nose thanks you. Love, Katie

-Home! Snuggle! Read books!

-Did he really fall asleep? Should I check? What if he wakes up when I check? NO! JUMP IN THE SHOWER WHILE YOU CAN, WOMAN!

-Ahhhhh. Shower. Ahhhhh. Hot water. Ahhhhh.

-Oh, hello baby. So you didn't fall asleep. And I smell a stinky in your pants.

-Read some books. Snuggle.

-Hmm. Nap Attempt #2 and my hair is now a frizzball from my lack of prompt blow-drying, thanks to the poopy diaper aversion. Ponytail it is!

-Okay. Dressed for the day and it's 10:38. Not too shabby. Yawn. Perhaps I should take a nap while the little one sleeps. No, no, be productive. Get some work done. No, rest. No, work. Oh look, a couch. Must ... lay ... down ... zzzzzzzzzzz.

-Lunch time! Fighting with the green beans! But you love green beans! EAT YOUR GREEN BEANS.

-Green beans are overrated.

-He's crying when I change his diaper. He's crying when I hold him. He's crying when I try to snuggle him. I want to cry.

-Hello Doctor, no, I'm so sorry he's being so fussy! I promise, he usually isn't like this. Really. REALLY. Um, no, he's never had a sucker, I try to keep the sugar under control. Um ... if you say so ... to help him calm down ...


-Viral infection. No strep, no nothing, really. Probably the high pollen count mixed with a bit of fever. Lovely. A half teaspoon of Children's Zyrtec? Got it! We'll go to Target right now!

-Ehhhh ... it's raining .... ehhhh ... I don't care, must find Zyrtec ...

-Run through the rain! Run through the rain! We're here! We're here! Target! Grab a cart! Rush down the aisles! OUT OF ZYRTEC.

-Run (waddle) through the rain! Run through the rain! Drive to Walgreen's! Where's the Children's Zyrtec?? ONE BOX LEFT.


-Hurry home!

-Must pick up the house quickly! Must also pick up a fussy Cub who immediately wants to be put down once I pick him up! "Mama, up!'

-Father-in-law is here! Thank you! I'm headed to my ultrasound! A few minutes to myself! Yippee!!!

-Doctor has an emergency c-section. Has to reschedule. Sweet. Going back home.

-Husband is home! Baby is fussy! So glad my husband can be here to play with our son while I start some laundry!

-Laundry is overrated.

-Husband has basketball game! Gah!! Cubbie is throwing himself on the floor in a snotty, sad little mess!

-Dinner? This Cubbie has no interest in dinner.

-Hold Cubbie, rock Cubbie, soothe Cubbie, kiss Cubbie, getting frustrated that I can't bend over well to reach him, getting frustrated that I can't sit down on the floor well to hold him, getting really frustrated, getting REALLY frustrated, Cubbie won't stop crying, now I'm going to cry. Feeling helpless.

-Deep breath. Take control. Put Cubbie in car, head out for a drive. The little guy needs to sleep and if the car seat is what it's going to take to keep him from coughing, then so be it. Drive on, Mama!

-Long drive. Cubbie falls asleep. I'm amazed how quickly frustration melts into compassion. And thankful that it does.

-Cubbie wakes up as soon as I put him to bed. Nope. You're staying in bed. I know it's only 7:00. Trust Mama on this one. YOU. ARE. TIRED. Cubbie doesn't put up a fight, but instead chats with Mr. Lion while thumping his feet against the wall. Then I hear loud thump. Cubbie cries. He's fallen out of bed. Rush in to hug him and hold him while he cries. He quickly cheers up and decides he doesn't want to be in bed.

-Husband walks through the door.


-Cubbie stays in bed.

-Husband is a champion.

-Mama is tired.


-A little ice cream.



  1. That picture of him with the book laid over his body is so sad, yet so cute at the same time. I hope he feels better soon.

  2. Oh my, what a day! I'm glad that both you and Cub Man survived. Wowza. Here's to no more days like this before Naomi arrives! :)

  3. you just described my entire day too! Livy has some sort of little virus with a temperature, COUGH, runny nose, and very red ears:( I, at one point today lost it. I even called my MIL and left a message bawling, asking her to come save me. Derick is sleeping with her tonight so I can hopefully get rest, b/c I was cranky today and it's not good to have a cranky mommy with a sick baby! :-/ I will pray for Cub tonight!!! Get some rest friend!!

  4. I love this post, well, because we've all been there.

    My favorite quote from it - which I totally relate to having a toddler and newborn..."I'm amazed how quickly frustration melts into compassion. And thankful that it does." ;)

  5. Oh sweet girl... thanks for sharing this... I hope your sick little cubbie feels better soon! and I hope you find peace and calm whenever you need it throughout your day today!

  6. Katie, that was my day as well. Our little one was sick all weekend while we were out of town. Yesterday consisted of cleaning runny noses, snuggle time, and nasty diapers due to antibiotics. Oh my! Thankful for a lot of sick time given by my employer. Pre-baby I used to think, who needs 8 sick days, really? Oh naive one, parents do! i hope Cubbie is feeling better and you got some recoup time for yourself.

  7. This gave me a wonderful idea for a new post. Thank you! :)

  8. What a day!!! Whew! Mama needs a rest, I do believe... :)

  9. Last week my son started out with a viral upper respiratory infection and fever which progressed into croup. Wow - talk about scary I've never heard anything like it before. Neverless, when it's all said (almost three straight nights without sleep) and done he's doing better, and we got some great cuddle time in. Isn't it awful when they're sick?