Tuesday, April 6, 2010

In Pictures.

This afternoon, while Cub napped, I finished up some photo editing and decided it was time to pick up the house. Then suddenly the thought came into my head to take some pictures of my house before I picked it up. Nothing modeled, nothing arranged. I know it sounds kind of silly, but it was so fun to walk around and capture what I would usually refer to as a mess and see it through the lens as a happy life lived. My stuff dumped in its usual spot on our bedroom floor, my night stand, our bath tub taken over by a baby boy, a wayward pair of shoes ... it's how we roll!

So, here are a few examples of our life, currently ... in pictures.

The Bedroom

The Kitchen

The Living Room

The Master Bathroom


  1. i was expecting messy house pictures, but your shots are so well taken that it just looks organised and stylish! i just cant imagine your house being messy at all

  2. Oh yes yes yes, it gets very messy!! When I look at these, I think, "Hmm, the shoes belong in the closet, my jewelry belongs in the bathroom, I forgot to put the coffee away ..." :) But, really, it was so fun to try to get artsy and make cool-ish pictures out of our every day lives.

    Maybe I should have taken some of our kitchen sink or overflowing trash can?? :) :)

  3. Yeah...these did look artsy!! I was expecting crumbs and chaos!! Ya know, like my house :-) Hehe...

  4. katie, your "mess" is lovely. and, i love the moccasins!