Monday, April 5, 2010

Happy Easter ... Monday!

Our little kid on Easter.
I see this picture and think, "He's so BIG! And so stinkin' CUTE!"

Our little family on Easter.
I see this picture and think, "My face is SO BIG! But my boys are so stinkin' CUTE!"

Funny how self-conscious I feel. I look back on pictures when I was pregnant with Cub, when I was just as big and billowy, and I don't think a negative thought at all. I know I was self-conscious at the time, but I'm so glad I have those pictures.

And, really, this is a picture of the four of us.


I love this one, too.

(And here are a few more from the day, too.)

(Happy Easter!)


  1. Cub couldn't be any cuter in his sweater vest! I simply love sweater vests! The family pictures are lovely, your face does not look even remotely big, silly girl. You 3 make one fine looking crew! Happy Easter! :)

  2. Love those pictures... and I love your dress! I didn't think one single thought about you or your face being big in that picture, but I did think... Katie always has the cutest clothes... I want her to take me shopping one day :)

    Happy Easter!

  3. Love his little-man outfit! He is so stylin. The camo basket is a nice touch, too! ;) Love that little guy. You three look great!

  4. Thanks for the sweet comment! Your little man was likewise ADORABLE for easter! and i appreciate the prayers :)
    As for the stroller, i asked around and was recommended the Schwinn AL free-wheeler double jogger...i then went and typed in a search and got super lucky that day...i think they can run up to about $350, but I hit some major clearances, free shipping, and then an additional % off that ended up costing me only $150! I think this deal ended up coming from Babies R Us, but pretty sure it ended 3 weeks ago, or so...but shop around for a good deal/promotions! Like I said - I was ready to spend the full amount and didn't find all this out till check out so it was a blessing, but even at the full amount, i can already tell it will be worth it and get used. Plus, when you're ready to sell it, they go super fast and for good money on craig's list :)

  5. What a cute family picture of the four of you!

  6. You look wonderful! Your son is so adorable and handsome.

  7. He is such a handsome little gent! I love him! :)