Wednesday, April 7, 2010

I Specifically Requested Chocolate.

I'm sitting here stuffing my face with the most delicious chocolate frozen yogurt Oreo mix from Braum's. I mean, WOW. I'd like to say I opted for the "small" size, but, come on. If you're willing to consume something that would most likely survive a nuclear fallout, you might as well go all the way.

One smooth, chocolate-y, Oreo chunky bite at a time. Mmm.

So, in case you haven't noticed, I have a bit of a sweet tooth with pregnancy numero dos. I think it's fair to say this pregnancy has been quite different than my first. Most notably, I'm sore constantly and I've already had contractions. Not Braxton Hicks, but contractions. The real OH MY WORD contractions. Nothing consistent, nothing scary. But, you know. Goody goody! Also, this pregnancy has gone by quite quickly. We're skidding around third base and jaunting down the home stretch at this point, with the first two trimesters at our back and the third trimester just beginning. And if you peek into Naomi's nursery, you will see it set up exactly as we left it when Cub transitioned out of it, only with a few added items, such as a pile of dresses on the changing table and some wayward pillows stacked on the glider (I didn't know where to put them). Naomi's bedding is on order and after I finish up my photo shoots for this month, I plan on doing some shopping for her decor. Yes, I'll be thirty-something-ish weeks before Naomi's nursery is actually finished. Shoot, Naomi might be sleeping in the crib by the time it's actually finished!

Of course, let's hope not.

Seriously, WOW. This mix is amazing. That bite was the best, I think.

You know what's funny? With all the junk food I craved when I was pregnant with Cub, after he was born, I craved healthy stuff. Fried food was revolting, sweets were gross, and I found that salads and soy milk were the tastiest to my palette.

That's one thing I hope is the same between these pregnancies. Because, if not, I'm in TROUBLE.


Well, I'm tired. I'm sorry this post is so lame.

Just finished the last bite. Delicious.

Cheers. And good night.


  1. I'm in LOVE with all things Oreo right now. Funny because I'm quite the opposite of you...when pregnant, I never have cravings. When breastfeeding, watch out!! I'm a total sugar freak!

  2. I just found your blog today and noticed we are both 30 weeks pregnant! How fun. And that concrete sounds delicious! I'm so glad there is no braums near me :)

  3. I have definitely been known to have Chic fil A strawberry milkshakes for meals lately!

  4. Oh, wow...that yogurt mix sounds like piece of heaven!! :)

  5. I have always had a pretty strong sweet tooth. However, it seems to have dissipated with pregnancy. I still have an entire bag of unopened dark chocolate cadbury mini-eggs and there are two almost full containers of ice cream in my freezer. Very strange. Perhaps when morning sickness subsides I will get my sweet tooth back?

  6. shoot, I love Braums even when I'm not prego! And I wish I had the appetite to want soy milk and salads after I had my girls, but nooooo, I wanted sweets, fried foods, just plain bad food:0(