Friday, April 9, 2010

Feel Good Friday.

So, I have to be honest here, last night I wrote a "Not So Feeling Good Friday" post, based on Naomi's bedding (back ordered until June! Her birth month!), the fact that my infant car seat is not compatible with ANY jogger (sweet!), and, also, ALLERGIES.

But then I deleted it, because really, who likes a Debbie Downer.

SO! Feel Good Friday. The Feel Goods of the Week:

1) Old Navy Strapless Maxi Dresses. I'm sure I look like a huge tent as I traipse around in them, but I don't care. They are comfy and will be usable post-baby, which is essential. Woot. I bought black and royal blue. And they might be the only thing I wear until June!

2) Ample snuggle time with a little Cub. It's safe to say we're teething full-force here at the Little Footy Pajama household. This has meant lots of cuddling with le bebe. Sad for his little teeth, happy for this Mama! :)

3) Fresh flowers on my kitchen table. I used to purchase flowers once a week with my shopping list, but I slacked over the winter months (SORRY). Now a massive cluster of baby's breath is gracing me with its presence as I type. Amazing how flowers can cheer up a room.

4) Time with friends. I've had some really great time with friends this week. Old friends and new friends. That might sound trite or typical, but wow, good friends are a huge blessing. I've felt very blessed this week.

5) Our mattress. Okay, okay, again, I know that might sound silly. BUT. My husband and I found this amazing latex core mattress (no coils!) in the clearance room at a local mattress store on New Year's Day (YES! All that information was totally necessary!) and OH MY WORD, it's so comfortable. Tease if you must, but for this pregnant girl, comfort while sleeping is, well, priceless. And I realized this after spending a few hours sleeping with a fussy Cub on HIS mattress last night. And I'm pretty sure my hips were out of place this morning.

There you have it!

Have a lovely day.


  1. You are making me want to go back to Old Navy and grab a few more dresses...I just might. Two hardly seems like enough...! ;)

  2. Not sure what kind of carseat you have, but we found that ours (Chicco Keyfit) is not listed as one that is compatible with the BOB but it actually is...fits into that infant seat adapter PERFECTLY (and trust me, I have shaken that stroller, tipped it over, EVERYTHING to be sure that seat won't fall out!). I think there might be some sort of inter-company conspiracy. All that to say, you might actually try your infant seat on a stroller in the store before ruling it out!

  3. Love baby's breath. The only flower besides lily of the valley Ash used in her wedding.

  4. Glad you could find the positive in life, in spite of the little things that didn't work out for you. I hope FGF lifted your spirits a little and hope your weekend is fantastic!

  5. Hey, a good mattress is always something to applaud! :) Hope your Monday feels as good as your Friday!