Friday, April 23, 2010

Feel Good Friday.

Feel Goods of the Week!

1) Impromptu Spaghetti: I made homemade lasagna this week and knew that Cub would have a tricky time eating it. So, I took the unused cooked lasagna noodles and used a pizza cutter to cut "spaghetti" noodles for Cub to eat with his hands. Might not sound like a big deal, but for me, it was Mommy genius and it worked! :)

2) Lots of gorgeous sunshine and cool mornings which means lots of long walks. I feel so much better when I can get outside and exercise! Nothing sets the pace for a good day like getting a good workout, even if my power walking is more like power waddling!

3) Nasonex. My doctor prescribed some for me. I can't believe how awful this allergy season has been, and I'm so thankful to be breathing free and clear!

3) Pre-Admitting at the hospital. I can't believe we're already this far along in the pregnancy. I'm almost 32 weeks and today my husband said, "That's only five weeks away from when you delivered Cub!" and we were both in shock! I know I say this pregnancy is flying by, but oh my word, THIS PREGNANCY IS FLYING BY!

4) Cub's back pats. Ever since he was an infant, Cub would pat your back with one hand when you picked him up. And now, when you pick him up, you can say, "Can I have a pat?" and he'll lean his head on your shoulder and pat your back. It melts my heart and I never want to put him down!

5) Little pink dresses. I went to Target today and found two pink dresses with big colorful flowers. I snatched them up. I am reminded more and more that we have a little girl joining our family and I'm so thrilled. We're ready for you, baby girl!!

Have a lovely weekend, friends.


  1. yea for little girls and pink dresses!! and yea for the BOB! you will never leave the honeymoon phase. it is awesome!

  2. I give a huge double thumbs up to the cool weather in the mornings and the little pink dresses...I can't wait to meet Naomi!!

  3. wow - you're about to add a new member to the family SO SOON! I hope I get a chance to buy little pink dresses someday :)

  4. I want a Cub back pat today.

  5. husband and I were just talking about #4 today. Both our girls pat our backs and it is the sweetest thing ever.

    Yeh for little girlie clothes!!