Monday, February 8, 2010

Pics and Cakes.

This weekend was packed. I mean, packed. At the end of each day I flopped into bed exhausted. And it was great. Because it was packed with FUN things and GOOD things. The two biggest things had to do with friends and their babies on the way, which is just always all kinds of fun. So! Here you go.


Maternity photo shoot for some friends! Yay!

(He is SO TALL.)

(Mama's belly.)


A wonderful shower for a dear friend! I'll let her post pictures and write her own post about it, since it was her shower and all, but I will tell you about my particular role in the shower: DECOR. And I did some diaper cakes. Which I think I've documented before on my old old blog. BUT, I'll document them again. Because I excel in over-documentation.

Diaper Cakes a la Vase
(For Those With Skinny Vases On Hand And Not a Clue What To Do)
by Katie

Firstly, find the cutest littlest most precious diapers you can and roll them up, beginning from the top and rolling towards the bottom. Make sure the diapers you select are white. Unless you want a Sesame Street or polka-dot themed diaper cake. In that case, may the force be with you. Secure with a rubber band.

Nextly, after you have acquired enough rolled diapers to evenly surround the base of your vase, secure them together with a large rubber band.

Roll another bunch of diapers, enough to comfortably surround your existing layer. You will want the bottom later of diapers to be two diapers thick, since you will be placing a single layer of diapers on top. Secure the next layer with an even bigger rubber band.

Repeat the previous steps for your next layer of diaper cake, making this layer only one diaper thick. Now you should have two tiers. Then select your ribbon of choice.

Cut the appropriate length of ribbon and secure. I secure with tape. Some secure with glue dots. I did not have glue dots. If the ribbon gaps a little, you can also use tape to secure the ribbon to the diapers. I didn't want to use anything that could damage the diapers, and tape is flimsy. Functional, yet flimsy. I appreciate that in a temporary adhesive.

And, Voila! The finished product(s). So fun.

There you have it! It's funny how, when I type this post, it looks like a simple and short weekend. And yet I sit here EXHAUSTED. If only blogs had the ability to properly display EXHAUSTION.

You'll have to take an exhausted smile instead. And believe that after this picture was taken, that girl promptly fell into bed.

Have a lovely day!


  1. just wondering...what is that behind you in the last picture?!? and your decorations were very cute; great job!

  2. Jessica's pics are sooo cute--love the shoes/belly shot!


    LOVED LOVED LOVED the diaper cakes and shower decor!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (Is that enough exclamation marks to adequately convey my excitement?!?! Here are a few more for good measure:)

    Thank you, friend.

  3. (Josh's road bike is behind me. He has a "trainer" that he hooks up to it so he can use it as an exercise bike inside and he keeps it in our bedroom so he doesn't have to lug it from the garage to the living room every time he wants to work out.)

    (And Erin: YOU'RE WELCOME!)

  4. Soooo cute! I also love the pictures you took of the expecting couple. They will treasure those forever.

    Thanks for sharing!

  5. Pictures of Grant and Jess = Fabulous

    Diaper cake = Too cute

    Doing that + everything else to get ready for the shower yesterday = AMAZING

    Girl, you're pregnant. Take 2 naps today! :)
    (Also, I think the 3 of us throw a pretty good shower...maybe we should do it again sometime ;)

  6. Your pics and the diaper cake decorations are awesome!! Crafts always make me exhausted =)