Friday, January 8, 2010

Some Like Rocks, Some Like Bugs.

When Josh and I began the slightly overwhelming (and overall quite fun) task of registering for wedding gifts when we were engaged, I remember people giving me their two cents regarding which items were traditionally appropriate to register for. One of those things was china.

We perused the options at Dillard's. There were some beautiful patterns, but nothing that I absolutely loved. But, seeing as it was tradition and I'm kind of nerdy when it comes to tradition, I went ahead and registered for some Wedgwood, which had the pattern I kind of liked. But oh my word, the total cost for a setting for ten was probably going to comfortably compete with the cost of our first home, and I never felt completely happy with my decision. I mean, I like china and all, but it honestly isn't really something I've ever wanted for myself. And it certainly wasn't something I felt comfortable having people pay an arm and a leg for, especially when we would need something more important, like, say, a blender.

So, tradition met technology as I logged onto the Dillard's website the next day and deleted all of the china we had registered for.

Our wedding day came and went and we were, indeed, china-less (but we totally have an AWESOME blender). But, as time wore on, I realized I didn't really have any sort of "special" dishes to use when company came over, and as I do love to host, I was a bit bothered by it. On a visit to my hometown one day a few years ago, I ate dinner at my brother's house and noticed the gorgeous dishes that his wife had used to set the table. She excitedly told me they were Boleslawiec pottery that she had collected since her family lived in Moscow and traveled to Poland frequently (she is an American who grew up in Russia). And, best of all, you could find some authentic pieces at none other than TJ Maxx. I mean, that's pretty awesome!

What I loved most about her collection was that none of the dishes had the same pattern. Rather than collect specific designs, she just collected what was available, and since Polish pottery carries a common thread of color regardless of the pattern, all of the dishes complimented each other beautifully. So, about a year ago, I got my first piece of Polish pottery: A large teapot. Since then, I have accumulated a few more pieces and I plan on adding more this year. By Christmas, I'd love to have service for four. Seeing as that would be appropriate for our family. :)

I love that I'm actually collecting something now and I hope my collection continues to grow!

What about you? Do you have certain items (be it dishware or bugs) that you love to collect?

Have a lovely day!


  1. Love those dishes. I have a pretty good pile of half colored (scribbled) super heroes going and, have you seen my playroom?! Ha!

  2. I try to buy a new Christmas book every year. They aren't too expensive and are fun to look at. I also like to buy a snowglobe whenever I go to DisneyWorld. I even bought a small one when we went to EuroDisney a few years back.

  3. And we can't forget about the magical land of Cherry's for all your Polish pottery needs! ;) I collect the LuRay dishes in green, and, although I don't think I have a complete service set yet, I do have a lot of the large serving pieces which I LOVE to set out when company comes over. It is fun to collect something, plus it gives me a mission while aimlessly wandering the aisles of my beloved antique stores. :)

  4. I wasn't comfortable registering for china either. We were more "stoneware" dish people than "fine china" folks.

    One of our fun traditions has been to collect local pottery when we go on trips. We got rid of the dinky mugs that came with our everyday dishes (a blue/brown stoneware look) & collect mugs or platters or bowls when we travel. It's been a really fun way to look for souveniers & also add to our collection. And they're great conversation starters!

  5. My fiance and I are about to register, and I've had this on-going debate with myself over whether or not to register for china. It just doesn't seem practical to me, and I figured if we do want it, we can always find a nice set on sale one day.. right? I'm glad to know that others don't always register for it. Most of my friends think I'm crazy!

  6. Katie I love your idea of collecting your dishware. So often when you register for china you find that when you finally find your "style" the pattern you selected doesn't fit you. I picked china a few years ago so my kids would have gift ideas for me, plus I had a china cabinet I thought needed filling. I love my china, it looks pretty in the hutch but I seldom use it cause I'm too lazy. I do have other items I've collected through the years and they all bring a smile to my face for the sentimental value, where they were found, who gave them to me. It's just plain fun to make a "find" while shopping, whether at an antique shop, discount store, flea market, well you get the idea. Have fun and happy collecting to you.