Thursday, January 7, 2010

A Slight Complex.

Okay. This might sound weird, but hear me out.

Do you find yourself obsessing over one major thing regarding motherhood? You know, like there is that one thing that just bugs you more than anything and you find yourself doing everything in your power to not be that way or to make sure your baby is not that way?

Like, "My baby must know her alphabet before she is two" or "My baby will NEVER sleep in a crib--co-sleeping is the only way to go" or "Our nursery will never be pink" or "Our nursery will never be blue" or "My daughter will never wear pants".

Okay that might sound vague. Let me explain. See, I have this thing.

With baby bottles.

I'm not sure if it's because I breastfed? Maybe? Even though Cub took bottles from Day One?? Whatever the reason, I did NOT want Cub to be on bottles past his first birthday. Even though we used Dr. Brown's bottles and I loved them. I introduced a sippy cup to him at five months and he was able to drink from one by six months. By eight months he was weaned and drinking completely from sippy cups. No more bottles.


I'm not sure why I was so anti-bottle. What's the big deal? Was it the kids I saw who were permanently attached to their baby bottles at the age of two? Maybe. But they tend to be the exception, not the norm. Meh. Either way, I was resolute that Cub was going to be a sippy cup pro as soon as possible. Thankfully, he was, which I think had more to do with him than me. You can't force that kind of thing.

Am I really weird? You can tell me if I am. Say, "Katie. That is WEIRD."

I won't be offended.

What about you? Do you find yourself obsessing over certain things a la bebe ... and you aren't sure why?

(This is one of those posts where if the comment section is completely empty, I am going to feel like a COMPLETE LOSER.)

(So, if you think that would be funny, don't leave a comment.)

(Or, if you think that would be a cruel, cruel joke to play on a pregnant lady, leave a comment.)

(Even if it only says, "Katie, you are WEIRD.")

(Have a lovely day.)


  1. I WILL not be the mother who carries her four year old everywhere. She's plenty old enough to walk, just about everywhere. (festivals and large crowds are the exception, but for that I bring the stroller.)

  2. (love dr. brown's bottles)

    haha you are WEIRD katie! :) j/k. i like it, although i haven't really introduced a sippy cup to parker yet and he is 9 months. but we all have our little goals.

    i don't know if it classifies as the same idea, but i really want parker to walk before he is one year old. we'll see, and i won't be mad or disappointed if he doesn't, but here's to hoping!

  3. Haha, I am the same way with pacifiers!! I'm not saying I won't give my child one (our first is on it's way) but they will NOT be walking and talking with a pacifer stuck in their mouth!

  4. Potty training - I feel that way about potty training. I said that I would not be the mother whose 3 year old wasn't potty trained. Unfortunately, my 27 month old has absolutely no interest in potty training. Oh how I pray he does before three. Oh and by the way, my mom, my doctor, my friends, and everyone else has told me to back off and chill out.

  5. I remember the post you wrote about Cubbie not being on bottles! Mine is not having Miss B sleep in our bed/room after she was 12 weeks. I have clear boundaries in my head of how I want her to perceive Mommy and Daddy's room. It's not a NEVER thing, but we moved her to her room at 12 weeks and only once or twice has she layed in bed with us in the morning. I'm weird about it. I have family members that co-sleep and they loved it at first, but 7-8 months later, they are regretting that decision. I'm not against co-sleeping, it's whatever works for the family. I just know it wasn't for us.

  6. Also, I'm with you on the sippy cups. I kind of cringe when I see children that walk and talk and have a bottle in their mouths. We are transitioning her onto a sippy cup slowly (6 months old), but I think I will miss the bottle feeding, since she was formula fed and I've loved that bonding time with her, especially before she goes to bed. I will sure miss that!

  7. i actually see your point. i dont' think i'm as"passionate" about it, but i completely agree :)


  8. I don't think that's weird. I'm sure every mom has these things. I'm not that way with bottles, because my favorite thing on earth is still feeding Levi a few bottles a day. OH, my favorite time of day, curling up with him and feeding him while he plays with my hair. I will miss it soooo much. He is on a sippy cup, too, (and he has SO much fun doing it himself) but a bottle seems to soothe him better so I feed him one before naps and at nighttime...or when it's just more convenient. :)

    I am that way with pacifiers though. Levi loves his, and nothing bothers me more than to see a child WALKING with a pacifier hanging out of his mouth. It just seems like when they're walking, they're too old for it. Haha.... Levi doesn't need his really except for naps and nighttime, and he loves it in car rides, so I hope he's not one of these kids who screams for it when he's older. But I don't want him to suck his thumb either, because I hear that's harder to break... Ah, so we'll just see what happens. I'm pro pacifier right now, but only up to a certain age...because then it's just weird. But maybe it's just me! (The other day I saw a FIVE YEAR OLD with one and I nearly dropped to the floor. My. Word.!!!)

    But yeah, we all have these things, and it's funny to hear what everyones are!!

  9. my hang-up is with pacifiers. luckily, Audrey didn't really like one, but I'm sure a future kid will LOVE their paci and it will be just horrible to get them to give it up. I think that kids that pull their paci out to talk is ridiculous!!!!! that's the major thing that really bothers me when I see it.

  10. normal! I am this way about the pacifier. I actually had a "freakout day" last week and decided NO MORE PACIFIER. At 7 months I felt she didn't need it anymore and I did not want her walking and talking and me making up stories about a pacifier fairy and things like that...

  11. Pacifiers, bottles, stuffed animals, blankets -- not in any hurry for him to grow up, but I don't want him clinging to anything as a 3 year old. I have a nephew that up until about age 6 still carried around his "Mr. Lion" and would cry and throw a fit when he didn't have it. That's being a little too clingy to a stuffed animal in my opinion. Bedtime pals only!!

  12. I don't even HAVE a child, but I sort of have this thing about not finding out what gender the baby is (when the time comes) mostly b/c I don't want an entire wardrobe (or room) of pink or blue things. Does that make me more weird (b/c I don't even have a kid.)

  13. We've discussed this ad nauseam. I can't stand to see a toddler with a bottle, especially if it's filled with sweet tea or soda. It's just gross. Same with pacifiers. For the love of all things decent, if the child has to remove it to speak and pop it back in, they are too old! Also, it can't be good for their soft palate development. Since I work with four year olds and in our church toddler room, carrying blankets around bothers me. We had some children a few years back that had the stinkiest blankets EVER! I am not kidding. Also, people who bring their baby/toddler to the nursery without a diaper/diaper bag. Really? Come on, you know your child is going to poop! So as you can see, I have several things that bother me, but I'm old and cranky.

  14. You are not weird at all. Sophia never had bottles. She went from breastfed to sippy cups. ...I have a thing about seeing older toddlers with bottles. ...and binkies. Ugh...Sophia got rid of hers as a baby. I'm hoping I can do the same with baby #2 because I don't want a toddler walking around with a binky in her mouth.

  15. You are a hoot.

    Mine would be paci's, I dont want any of my kids to use them.... never say never though, I might have a colicy bambino one day.

  16. I will not be the mom that lets their child throw a fit in the store and ignore the behavior. No one wants to hear that, and I think people should have respect for others around them in a public place.

    And I will not let my child run free in a store while I look around. I want to look around.... not worry about stepping a child who is running around like a crazy person!!

    So no, your not crazy :)

  17. My girls each gave their pacifiers up at 3 months. I didn't have a complex about the bottles. And they did just fine with a sippy cup when the time came. They still have their favorite blankie they sleep with each night and take on road trips, but they can take it or leave it if need be. So the "major" hang-ups, don't bother me. But I do find myself facing a differnt kind of complex...

    You see, I love people. I love to people watch. I love to talk to people. I love to make eye contact with people. Smile, nod, wave... I love it all. But my girls, oh my girls. They are as shy as they can be. And it drives me CRAZY!! It has taken me a long time to realize they are just different than me. It doesn't come naturally to them to strike up a conversation with the lady at Wal-Mart. We are constantly trying to find a balance between being polite and courteous and being flat out rude because they're shy. And I most definitely don't want to be known as "THAT mom" with "THOSE rude kids" - when really they're not rude, just shy. Oh, it's a tough one for me!

  18. I just wrote a post about something similar on my own blog. Here's the link :