Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Blue or Pink.

One of the joys of pregnancy are the Old Wives' Tales that are meant to somehow determine the gender of your baby given how you are carrying, when you conceived, etc. I never minded them, since I find this kind of thing pretty humorous and interesting. Especially because some of the guesses are, obviously, correct!

On Thursday, my husband and I will head to the hospital for our "big" ultrasound where they will check on Baby Bean's vital organs and, yes, check the gender. My husband and I are a bit nervous that it is too early to tell, or that the baby will not cooperate, but other than that, we're excited. We can't wait to find out and begin preparing the way for Baby Bean.

I think it is fair to say that I am carrying this baby differently than Cub. Now, I know moms who have several children who are all the same gender, yet each baby carried differently. And I know moms who have children who are different genders, yet each baby carried the same. I definitely understand that the Old Wives' Tales are just that--tales, primarily--but, I still think it is fun to guess.

SO! Here is a little comparison between my two pregnancies:


-Conceived in winter

-Cub's heart rate never exceeded 150 bpm

-Morning sickness lasted until 13 weeks (throwing up)

-Carried extremely low--lots of urinary tract infections (bleh)

-Primarily carried in the belly only

-Mama's coordination was a bit lacking--I couldn't wear heels past 10 weeks

-Craved cereal


-Conceived in fall

-Heart rate is around 165 bpm

-Morning sickness lasted until 17 weeks (throwing up and daily nausea)

-Carrying high--lots of heartburn (bleh)

-Immediately discovered love handles as well the token baby belly (sweet! love handles!)

-Wearing heels every day and loving it

-Craving cereal AND things that are salty, like tomato juice

Okay. There you have it!

So, friends, time to guess. Based on what you've heard ... is Baby Bean blue or pink??

I'm going to keep this post up for a few days and then I will let you know ... once the proper family and friends have been notified. :)

Have a lovely day!


  1. my guess is a girl. i am told that you carry high and gain weight all around when its a girl. i sure gained weight ALL over and i had a little girl. so thats my guess :) good luck with everything regardless. we will be praying for you that everything goes well on thursday.

  2. My guess is another little boy...but...I swear by the Chinese birth calendar. It's been right for everyone I know. Have you tried that to guess??

  3. GIRL! Can't wait to find out either color!!!

  4. I'm sticking with my first "gut" instinct...BLUE! but either would be great, obviously! I hope bean cooperates!

  5. I am thinking Girl too. Oh yes, I got love handles with Olivia. But, I'm pretty sure it was because I ate like a cow. I will not do that again(I hope:))

  6. I am now thinking PINK!!! June seems to be the month for Girls ( so far 2 people that I know that are having babies in June are having girls) Can't wait to find out!!!

  7. I don't really have a gut feeling, but I HOPE it is a girl! And it sounds like there are some pretty significant differences!

  8. When you first announced, I immediately thought blue. But that may be because of Caleb and all I know you with is boys. :) But I really hope that it's a girl, since that is what you guys are hoping for! Either way, I pray it's a happy healthy little bebe!! I can't believe you're half way there! AHHHH! :)

  9. I think boy, but hope girl! Either way, Healthy!!!

  10. Hey Katie! Congrats on baby #2!!
    I am going to say girl, just because of the higher heart rate... BUT whatever you are thinking of "feeling" it is probably that! I carried Gabriel totally different than I am carrying his sister, and I am feeling totally different this time around too!!
    Good luck tomorrow!

  11. I dont know... but I definitely CANT wait to find out!