Thursday, January 28, 2010

20 Weeks.

Dear Naomi Kate,

I'm sitting here trying to figure out how to fit everything I want to tell you into the space of a few letters and words. Even though we haven't officially met, you are still very much a part of this family. From the moment we found out about you, I was very aware of your presence. You were on my mind, and continue to be on my mind, all the time! You are with us when we go to the park, when we run errands, and when I lay down to go to bed. And recently you've reminded me that you are here through little kicks and punches. I feel you, sweetie. Keep on kicking.

As your Mom, I can't tell you how incredible it is to me to think that I will have a daughter. My Mom (your Memere) and I have a wonderful relationship and I pray that you and I will, too. I know we will have our moments, trust me, where perhaps we won't understand how to relate to each other (or we will simply refuse to understand), but in the end, my prayer is that we will reach common ground in that unique way that only mothers and daughters can. I love you so much, sweet Naomi. We will learn from each other.

Your Dad is so excited to meet you. The prospect of having a daughter has already sent him over the moon. I can see a twinkle in his eye now when he sees baby girls, and I know you have already stolen his heart. You scored big time with getting Daddy. He's a catch and you won't find a better Daddy out there!

I hope you like your name. It has been one of my favorite girl names since I was small. It means "pleasant" and ironically enough, it describes my pregnancy at this point. One of my friends noted that I seemed very "peaceful" about your pending birth and the step of moving your brother into his own room. And I do feel peaceful. Content. At this moment, "pleasant" is more than fitting. I hope that you do not find it presumptuous that I have given you a shortened version of my name as your middle name--your brother received your father's middle name as his own and I wanted to give you part of my name, too. Your brother, Cub, has learned to say "sissy" and when we ask him to say "Naomi" it comes out as "Mimi". And Naomi, let me tell you--you are going to LOVE your big brother!

Once your brother is moved into his new room, we will begin working on your nursery. I can already tell you that you will have the most wonderful crib that my Dad (your Pepere) built. It is beautiful and sturdy and strong. It will hold you safely as it has held your brother. You already have several options for outfits and I'm already trying to figure out how we are going to store all of your clothes!

Naomi, I can't wait. I just can't wait. I can't wait to meet you, I can't wait to see your first smile, the first time your small hand will hold my own, the first time "Mama" will come from your sweet mouth. And yet, at the same time, I love that I already know you. And I am looking forward to enjoying the rest of my pregnancy with you--just our time, as mother and daughter. I will continue to feel your kicks and you will continue to hear my voice. Keep growing, sweetie.

I love you.



  1. Cute post. I'm so happy for you. Naomi is a beautiful name.

  2. Dang it - gotta reapply mascara...

    I LOVE the name - so pretty!!!

  3. You picked it!!! Yay! I was hoping you guys would settle on this name, and I love Kate for her middle name. So sweet. Love it. Love you!

  4. Beautiful! What a gorgeous name, and I love that meaning. And it doesn't hurt that her name has a fantastic Bible story to go with it! And how cute is Cub's little "mimi"?!?

  5. What a sweet name! :) I had to laugh at Caleb because my brother wanted to NAME me Mimi! Funny! Horray for Naomi Kate!

    Oh and your spats are hilarious to read because that's what they are. Spats! Light hearted funny spats. Totally relatable and funny to hear about. And I agree-a lot of things are just too personal for the world to know!!

  6. A very sweet letter to a very well-named little's perfect!

  7. yay!! a name revealed!! i love the middle name kate as well, so sweet. i'm so pumped for you that you are having a girl!

  8. I've always loved the name Naomi as well! I love reading your letters to your little ones. :)