Wednesday, November 18, 2009

It's Wednesday!

Gosh, I know, I'm lame. It's Wednesday and I haven't posted since Sunday. Geesh! I'm a slacker.

See, here's the deal. It's all really my husband's fault, my husband whom I love dearly, because he now takes his laptop to work and in order for me to blog, I now have to type on the computer in our bedroom, away from the baby (unless I want him playing in our room and touching Daddy's guitar and other no-touchables). Or, I have to do like I'm doing now, type anyway, even though the baby is in the living room, and gage his activities purely by sound. Hmmm. No crashing, no screaming ... we're okay so far!

Yeah so the options aren't that great.

I can always blog during his nap, but I've been napping. Or I can blog after he goes to bed, but I use that time to catch up on e-mails and then I'm exhausted for the day. Bah. So, it's been slim pickin's. My apologies.

In other news, I really love my doctor. He's great. This past Friday, my symptoms went away. The throwing up, the exhaustion ... it all just kind of stopped. And I felt great all weekend. Like, second-trimester great.

Like, too great.

Given my track record, a sudden dissipation of symptoms isn't exactly a good thing, so I promptly called my doctor on Monday to let him know. I'm nine weeks, so I'm not out of my first trimester. I didn't want to overreact at the lack of symptoms, but I didn't want to under-react, either. He immediately called me back and told me to come in. So, I went in and he did an ultrasound and there was Baby Bean, strong heartbeat, lots of movement. I was so relieved, but then I felt badly for wasting my doctor's time. I apologized and he told me very directly that 1) I've never had a normal pregnancy, so to assume that a sudden loss of symptoms is "okay" would have been the wrong assumption and 2) If I hadn't called, he would have been upset. He told me that it's my responsibility to stay on it and gage how I'm feeling and to keep him informed. He said it is never a waste of time to make sure the baby is okay.

Didn't I tell you he was great? He's great.

And I know, I know, he's a "he". I know, this freaks some women out. Let me just say that once upon a time, a few years ago, I went to a female gynecologist (I was on an HMO so I had randomly pick one that was on my "list" of options). She was AWFUL. She was rough and rude and I vowed that I would never again be treated that way, by anyone, male or female. So, when a new hospital opened up in our town, I picked the doctor that specialized in high-risk pregnancies. Who happened to be a male. I thought it would be awkward, but it wasn't at all. He had great bedside manner and was very aware that I could feel awkward with him being a guy, so he was quick and to the point. And then he sat and listened to me and asked questions for 45 minutes. That was our first appointment, and he's been a great doctor ever since. 

And the little Cub found me! I gotta go. Have a lovely day.


  1. So happy to hear you are feeling better. And very happy to hear Baby Bean is well. It sounds like you have a great OB. I have a male too, but I grew up with a male pedi, so it wasn't so weird for me. Bella has two female pedi's, and they are great so far, but I would like to expose her to male doctors at some point.

  2. my GYN is a male and he is great too...I am so glad you went and checked and got all of your questions answered....

  3. So love to read your blog! I am a blog lurker. I too have a male baby doctor. LOVE him! He's awesome and handles my HUGE babies births like a pro! Last baby was 9 lbs 13 ozs 10 days early!

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