Wednesday, November 4, 2009

And It's Not Because I Didn't Like "Wanted".

I once read a quote from Angelina Jolie that said something to the effect that, unlike most women, she loved being pregnant. I think she was pregnant with her twins. I'm not an Angie J. hater, but I remember that comment didn't really resonate very well with me. Unlike most women? It made her sound a tad superhuman. I don't mind at all that she loves pregnancy--just don't assume that every other woman out there doesn't.

I thought again about her statement last night as I hugged the toilet. Hmm. Loving pregnancy. There are a lot of things I love. My husband, my son, my extended family, friends, my dog ... chocolate ... a full tank of gas ... yep. I love all of them. Of course, I love all of them with a different kind of love, right? I love my husband differently than I love my son. My love for a full tank of gas isn't anywhere near the depths of love I have for my extended family, and the complexity with which I love my friends doesn't exactly exist in the love I have for my dog. I've heard women who have very easy pregnancies say that they love being pregnant because Shoot! It's easy! And then there are women who have really awful crappy pregnancies and they still love being pregnant because, well, they're pregnant. And it isn't the difficulty or the ease with which we experience something that necessarily causes it to warrant our love.

I think I fall somewhere more towards the latter group of women rather than the former. The term "easy" in regards to pregnancy is relative, but I think it's fair to say my pregnancy with Cub wasn't as easy as some, but it was a breeze compared to others. This pregnancy, so far, has been easier than my pregnancy with Cub, but we still have a long road ahead.

But, as I was hugging the porcelain throne, I realized that my love for pregnancy now is because I know what exists on the other end of it all: The baby that will be placed on my tummy and then in my arms. So, yes, I love being pregnant. And not because it's easy or because my hair gets thick and shiny or because I glow (sweat?). I love it because the idea that I am, at this moment, housing a miracle in progress, is the most overwhelming, humbling, and beautiful gift I've ever been given. AND, that miracle continues after birth and then continues to grow outside of your body. This is why children are, truly, a gift of the Lord, really. For those of us who are not able to have our own, we are still able to take in children and watch the miracle of life continue to grow, even if that miracle began in someone else. We can still partake in the miracle of life, which is amazing.

So, Angie J., I'm going to go out on a limb here and say that I disagree. I think if you ask most women, they would acknowledge that they do love pregnancy.

Now, being with Brad Pitt, well ... I think you've got us beat on that one. :)


  1. Ha! Yes, Brad as a Baby Daddy does put her in a league of her own! But I agree. My pregnancy has been fairly "easy" and I am loving being pregnant, but I think you're right: the miracle of pregnancy is not how awesome you feel but how awesome the whole concept really is. Hope your puking phase is short lived!

  2. Hmmmm, good call. Not the most glamorous experience of my life, but certainly the most amazing. Which I love.

  3. Ohh, this is good. I loved being pregnant, but the final few months were by far the hardest - huge, swollen, miserable. I think we as Christians can appreciate the entirety of pregnancy better than others. We know the Source of the miracle and the Giver of the little life. That in and of itself is beautiful!

  4. i agree. my pregnancy was anything but easy and i stilled loved it!