Friday, September 25, 2009

You're Welcome.

As the weekend comes upon us and we have company coming for dinner, I've decided to dedicate this week's open-ended post to etiquette. You know, doing things proper and such.

That's right. I wrote proper instead of properly. It is difficult to emulate redneck accents through type.


So, I'm going to leave you with a few rules my Mother taught me, plus a few of my own, regarding the importance of details in hosting. 

1) Always keep fresh flowers in the house.
2) When company is coming, set the table first before working on anything else that needs to get done. That way, if you are running behind as company arrives, the set table will show them that yes, you were expecting them (and they won't know you're running behind!).
3) Sweep crumbs under the rug.
4) Light a candle.
5) Always do your best to make your company feel special, no matter how casual the gathering.

What about you? Do you have any special rules you follow when company comes?

Have a lovely weekend, friends!


  1. I usually like to set the oven and/or microwave on fire!

    Usually, I just worry that I'm not going to have enough food or something that my guests do not enjoy.

    I have gotten better about the fretting.

    Setting the table first is a fantastic idea. Sometimes I have enough time before company comes, sometimes no.

  2. I always have both cloth hand towels and disposable hand towels in the bathroom, especially if we are having a larger gathering. Some people feel funny about that kind of stuff.

  3. Table set first - definitely! Candle - always! I'm with Wife/Mom on the disposable hand towel thing - mine currently have G's on them. They're cute. I like to have a little something out for them to start nibbling on, like a cheeseball/crackers or veggie tray or something. It's always fun to come in and commence to eating. Let the dishes sit until they leave. And I always like to have an assortment of things to drink so that they're not just stuck with what we like. Those are my typical rules.

  4. Hey, your tips work! I always notice your lovely table setting when we get there, and I've noticed that your fresh flowers thing has become a regular. Love it! I, too, do the candle thing...mostly because we have three inside dogs, and I never know if my house smells like dogs. Probably not, but still. I always have a candle in the bathroom help out the stinkeroos. Usually I cook and get things ready while Russell chats with the guests, and then we switch. He'll gather dishes and put things away while I get to relax and chat. Works out well. What else? Oh, I use lame coasters and hate having to ask people to use them, but it is a must with an unfinished-y table glaze. Good post!

  5. Just realized the irony of my has been a LONG while since I've hosted.......!!! I'm due for a turn any second now. Promise. :) The idea of cooking raw meat does not make my tummy do flips anymore, so that's a sign.

  6. I just have to post a comment after reading Pam's on setting the oven on fire. I typically clog the kitchen sink drain requiring the assistance of our plumber. You can just ask Mark Rose how many times he's been to our house to run a snake down the pipes to clear the obstruction on a day I'm having a crowd for dinner. Think I finally figured out why that happens. Be cautious about what you put down the garbage disposal.
    I think setting the table is a great idea. I always way over do it on quantity and selection of foods. I want to make sure everyone can find something they like. I actually don't think that is a good tip, it is my curse of insecurity.

  7. Hey girlie,

    I was cleaning my office and I found the funniest picture of you from my freshman year orientation at JBU ( you were a sophomore)... email me your address and I'll send it your way... it'll be good for a giggle :) (danielle)

  8. My rule is to always begin with an empty dishwasher, that way when guests feel obligated to help clean up I can say "There's no need! I'm just going to throw all of this in the dishwasher before I go to bed. No biggie!" And I genuinely mean it!