Saturday, September 5, 2009

Extra Crispy.

I wonder if feeding my little guy burnt pancakes this morning was maybe taking a little too much advantage of the fact that he will eat anything? Maybe? The pancakes would not have burned if I hadn't run out of cooking spray yesterday. I used a dab of olive oil instead, and, if you do not yet know, be warned: OLIVE OIL HEATS QUICKLY IN A PAN. 

I make fried rice. I know this.

Apparently, however, this little tad bit of knowledge didn't cross my mind. THANKS MIND. Also, whole wheat pancakes are more susceptible to charring due to their ... density?

Of course, Cub didn't seem to mind, which was great. I smeared a little applesauce on his pancake (and lots of butter and syrup on mine) and he was good to go. Our little almost-11-month old has his Daddy's appetite and his Mama's palette, apparently!

Okay. Time to make the menu for this next week. Which, hopefully, does not include anything "blackened".

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