Sunday, September 6, 2009

ABC: Magnetized.

The kitchen has proven to be a tricky area when it comes to a crawling/pulling-up bebe. While I want him to have mostly free reign of the house, I do get a tad nervous when I'm opening the oven door and he's underfoot. Yikes! He has a big drawer full of tupperware and wooden spoons that he can open and play with as he likes, but, unfortunately, with the way our kitchen is laid out, that drawer is right next to the oven. This is usually fine, except when I'm COOKING. IN THE OVEN. Which, believe it or not, does happen quite frequently.

I was racking my brain, trying to think of a kitchen-friendly distraction for him without lugging his entire toy box into the kitchen, when suddenly I remembered, "Aha! Fridge letters!" I'm pretty sure I had them when I was a kid, so I figured they would be easy to find.

I figured wrongly.

Well, let me correct that. I found some, in the magnet section, that were SO tiny. I wasn't exactly excited about the idea of my son choking on a wayward "T", so I all but gave up the search. Then, a few days ago, I was at the lovely and worthy-of-many-accolades Target, searching in the toy section for a xylophone, when my eyes beheld an adorable little chalkboard and whiteboard that had, yes, letter and number magnets. That were not tiny. These would take some effort to get choked on. So, I added that item to my cart and my Cub and I continued shopping (he made out like a bandit--new sweaters, new jeans, new pajamas, AND new magnets!). When we got home, I opened the pack and stuck the letters and numbers to the fridge (and stashed the whiteboard/chalkboard in his closet--I think it may come in handy on road trips, with the magnets). He loves them! Along with some bright magnetic clips, Cubbie is now perfectly distracted from the oven. 

For now, anyway!


  1. have you seen the one that has animals, and you match them together and they make noise and all that good stuff?! i'm getting it for Nathan.

  2. My grandma bought us Leapfrog letters that tell you the letter name and sound when you put them in the little thing that also sticks on the fridge. Both of the boys have learned their letters that way - Love them.

  3. they have them at walmart, and i do believe target!! :)

  4. Oh crazy! When I was at Dicks 5&10 this weekend, I carried around big wooden magnetic letters for so long!!! Then I ran into Darin and he talked me into waiting to get them because it will be a while before L can play with 'em. They were awesome, though! So vintage looking. They had numbers, too!

  5. That's hilarious! I went ahead and bought the Leapfrog letters (that Alyson mentions in her comment) that tell you each letter and Cub LOVES it. It's nice to have a distraction for him in the kitchen!!

  6. so cute! i looked for those dang things all over creation this past april for my friend's son, but no luck...good to know where I can find some now!