Monday, November 25, 2013

Random Stuff and Stuff.

Here are just a few quick pics of random things that we've been up to!

1) Homemade Caramel Apples

I tried my hand at making caramel for the first time. It was so good! We didn't have corn syrup, so I used pure maple syrup instead ... um, yum. And sticky. The kids had fun rolling the apple slices in sprinkles after I dipped the slices in the (very hot) caramel. I used this recipe, with a few adjustments.

Naomi was especially a fan, even after the other kids had moved on. :)

2) Giving

We participated with Operation Christmas Child this year and I had fun being in charge of it for our class at church. We collected a lot of boxes and the kids had fun picking things out for each box. This is one of our favorite traditions, for sure, and I love that it starts the Christmas season by pointing our kids towards giving, not getting. 

We also did Thanksgiving Baskets (tubs) at church. Cub had fun helping me load ours.

3) Lydia Is Getting So Big.

She is. She'll be two in January. TWO. Sob. The End.

4) Annual Family Christmas Trip

We love to go to Silver Dollar City in Branson, Missouri, before the Christmas season begins. We go with my husband's family and it's always a great chance to get away and enjoy our time together in the midst of an inevitably busy season. This year's trips definitely ranks up there as one of the best so far and I think it's for the simple fact that we really all just enjoyed being together. I cherish our time together. 

5) Half Marathon Number Two, Done!

It was 23 degrees and frosty, but, I did it! Yay! I really thought last year's race would be my first and last, for the simple fact that it was a random one-time goal in the midst of what was arguably the craziest year of my life, after the birth of my third. But, the running bug actually hit me again this year and I found myself training and doing this race again! I think I've decided that I like running because it causes me to constantly challenge myself in something that is separate from my daily grind. I love my daily grind, but I've found great satisfaction in challenging myself personally in the midst of it. And who would have thought that I would decide to start running after having three kids? Not me! But wow, what a trip it's been! I crossed the finish line at 02:03:07, seventeen minutes faster than last year. It felt great.

There you have it--some random updates!

Have a lovely day!


  1. Love doing Operation Christmas Child. This year I was in charge of heading it up at church. We watched a video of the kids getting the boxes before I got up to announce about them, and by the time I had to get up there I was crying and could hardly talk. The thought of the sweet kids that get those boxes every year just overwhelms me.

    Congrats on your second half marathon. Awesome!

    1. It makes me choke up, too. How great that you were able to head it up at your church! It's such a simple way for us to raise our kids' awareness of the "least of these", especially on the brink of the Christmas season. Love.

  2. So proud of you for finishing your race!! You've had so much on your plate lately, and, like usual, you handle it all with grace and humor. You're pretty great.

  3. Great time! My hubby was just a few minutes before you! It was his first race!