Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Making FUN Things Happen.

In May, I came up with a summer to-do list for our family. I had heard of the idea for a "summer bucket list" and thought it was a great way for the kids (and myself) to beat the summer boredom blues. I typed out each goal and printed it on its own piece of paper, before clipping it to a string of jute rope in our playroom. This is how it looked last week, when we finished our last goal!

My original intent was to take pictures of each item as it was accomplished, with my good camera, and adhere the pictures to their appropriate paper. However, I soon realized that most of these pictures were probably going to be taken with my phone, thanks to last-minute planning and such, so I printed them from Instagram instead. It was so much fun! The kids loved seeing new pictures added to their summer bucket list, and I loved that it kept me accountable to actually do the things we had planned ... :) We liked it so much that I decided we should try to do one for the next season, and maybe every season. Each season has new stuff to offer, so, why not make a list for each one? Then, once the list is accomplished and the season is over, we can put them in a three-ring binder. 

As much as I loved the jute rope, I thought it would be fun to make a more permanent home for our bucket list. I scoured Pinterest for ideas and saw a few things I liked and used, but nothing was EXACTLY what I was looking for ... probably because I didn't know exactly what I was looking for! I knew that the idea would have to just come to me, because, well, that's how I roll. So, I loaded the girls in the car while Cub was at school and we hit up Hobby Lobby for some black clothespins and cardstock. I knew I at least wanted black clothespins and cardstock. Then we headed to Lowe's where I found pre-cut 1x4x8 boards. The room is 14 feet long, so I thought 8-foot boards would fit nicely. I hauled them onto our cart and lugged that thing through Lowe's, whilst wearing espadrilles. I'm sure I was a klutzy sight.

I knew I wanted to put some sort of phrase on the wall above our list, to help define it. I found sayings and quotes that I liked, but I wanted to use free-form letters and I knew it would take close to forever to hang each letter on the wall. Then, as I loaded the boards in the car and strapped the girls' car seats, it came to me: Fun. That's it. Short and easy and, really, quite accurate. So, we headed BACK to Hobby Lobby (waving at the cashiers as we zoomed through the doors, again) and I found the letters I needed. During nap time, I painted the boards white and the letters black.

My husband came home to the mess and just started laughing. Without even asking what I was up to, he threw his hands in the air and said, "Whatever you need me to do, just tell me and I'll do it!"

Bless his heart. For reals. He's learned so well and he loves me so well.

After the kids went to bed, I measured the boards and used hot glue to adhere the clothespins, making sure they were evenly spaced. 

Once that was finished, I called in my husband for help, and he helped me hang the boards and the letters. 

(Hanging the "U" without complaint. He wins.)

After the letters and the boards were hung, I typed each of our fall goals and printed them on brown cardstock. And, voila! 

I was honestly a little nervous about the end product ... would I regret having massive black letters on my wall? That also happen to be the name of a band?! But, my fears were gone as soon as I clipped the last piece of paper in its place. I absolutely love this wall. And the kids love it. And my husband even nodded in approval. Win! Plus, if we get a little distracted with the seasonal bucket lists, we can use this wall to display the kids' artwork and such. We finished the first item on our list this weekend (spending Labor Day weekend with Memere and Pepere, yay!) and the kids were happy to hang the pictures.

I know I may not always want "FUN." in big black letters hanging in my house ... but for this season of life, it's just right.

Have a lovely day!


  1. Looks awesome and totally completes the play room. Love it! Make me one.

  2. love it! What is on your fall list? Also this reminded me of a local photographer's website/movement. She spoke at my mom's group last fall. http://thehappyfamilymovement.com/

    1. I'll need to check that out! Thank you, Julia! It includes jumping in a leaf pile, making fireplace s'mores, having a bonfire, visiting a local pumpkin patch, making caramel apples, doing a random act of kindness, and then a few fall crafts, too.

  3. Love it! It looks awesome! And who wouldn't want to go on a girl's trip to IKEA?!