Monday, September 23, 2013

Capturing The First Visit.

We went on vacation with my husband's parents this past week. It was relaxing, refreshing, and pretty much wonderful in every way. We were humbled and blessed by their generosity, and there is nothing better than to see your children being loved on by their grandparents. 

This is a place we've visited twice before and for each child's inaugural visit to the beach, I did a photo shoot. Since this was Lydia's first time to see and taste its salty loveliness, the photo shoot was hers.

There is nothing so sweet as the simplicity of seeing a child experience sand between their toes for the first time. Lydia stopped in her tracks and started wiggling her toes. Soon she erupted into a fit of giggles, shuffling through the sand. And then there is the experience of the water. The expanse of it, the rhythmic movement of its tide. I loved my childhood near the ocean and while we are landlocked now, I am thankful that they are able to experience it, if only once in a while.

 (The canvas of this shot is already ordered, in the mail, coming to my house in a week. Her lips and eyelashes, sigh.)

After I uploaded Lydia's pictures, I hunted through my files and found Caleb and Naomi's beach pictures, too.

(Cub, eleven months.)

(Naomi, sixteen months.)

Look at Cub's cheeks! And Naomi's tiny ponytail! Time has flown, y'all. 

Time to unpack.

Have a lovely day!

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