Tuesday, June 4, 2013

The Zipline.

The kids love going to my parents' house. There's the fort and the treats and the undivided attention and the splashing in water and the hiking through gulleys and running through fields...the fun stuff of childhood. But, most importantly, there is The Zipline.

The Zipline is the brainchild of my Dad and his brothers, my uncles. One Thanksgiving, years ago, they set out to create the Grandest Zipline of All and by golly, if they didn't do it. The Zipline has been a source of entertainment for many, and, now that Cub and Naomi are old enough to truly understand the meaning of HOLD ON, they get to enjoy it, too. Here are some pics from last weekend (with red sparkly shoes, of course):

After the kids are settled on the swing, it is pulled to the top of the hill. And released.

 They come down the hill ...

... gaining speed as they go ...

... (with an adult spotter, of course) ...

... until they reach the end of the line and the swing kicks out for the final thrill! It's a pretty good distance from the ground, but, as I said, there are always adults standing by below to stop the swing if need be. I stood on my parents' back deck and got these shots. Love.

The rush of the wind in the thick of the woods ... pretty much as glorious as it gets.

These are the days we will look back on and love to remember.

Have a lovely day.


  1. I love their little clenched fists around the rope! Also love blogs to read during nighttime feedings! (just needed to clarify the 4:30am comment time!)

  2. The picture where josh is following the kids down looks like they are about to crash into that tree. You are a brave ( and awesome) mom for giving them the chance to have such fun on the zip line. ( I wish I had one, ha)

  3. How fun! That is so awesome :)