Friday, April 5, 2013

Car Conversation.

Caleb: Mom, I think it's cool that rainbows are way up high in the sky.

Me: Yes, it's pretty amazing.

Caleb: Wouldn't it be cooler if the ENTIRE sky was a rainbow?

Me: Yes, that would be very cool.

Caleb: But, it would take a lot of water because rainbows come from water.

Naomi: Yes, and then I could put on my sparkly Angelina Ballerina slippers in my rainbow tutu and dance on the rainbow up high in the sky and it would be very, very beautiful and I would sing "la la la".


Caleb: Yes, Naomi. That would be very cool, too.

I would very much like to freeze this very entertaining age.

Have a lovely day.


  1. The conversations they have and the things they come up with at this age are awesome. I love listening to my son.

  2. My favorite part might be the "And I would sing 'la la la'" :) Sweet kiddos!

  3. I can hear their voices saying this. Love it. (And kudos for being featured on the ol' sidebar thingy!)