Wednesday, March 27, 2013

What Tiny Fraction Of Your Brain Do You Have Left?

Hey friends!

I realize my blogging has been a bit spotty since Lydia was born (a year, yeesh!). I'm getting back into the swing of it, as she gets older and is easily entertained by crawling into the lazy susan in our corner cupboard and singing songs to George the Cat while rummaging through the sippy cups.

Gives me a good ten minutes to do something productive.

So! I've done these kinds of posts for years, and I'm not even sure if I have any readership left, but, are there any questions that you have for me? Anything to get the juices going again? I know I posted something very similar to this right before Lydia was born and I can BET I didn't answer every question. Doesn't speak much to my credibility, does it? But, I promise, I will answer these.

Mothers can do an immeasurable amount of things when given ten minutes.


You can ask me pretty much anything. Pretty much. Mostly.

Like ... my favorite color? Why I had a pet rat when I was twelve? My favorite coffee? Parenting? Hair-coloring? Really bad recipe-following? Why in the world I think anyone would ever want to ask me questions and know anything about me?

You know, those kinds of things.

Ask away, or don't. I will only sob quietly for a few minutes if I get a total of zero comments. ;)

Have a lovely day, friends!


  1. These might be personal but I would love to hear more about you built your family, like child spacing, when you know your family is full, etc? I just had my first, an adorable guy, 3 months ago and constantly debate in my head waiting 9 months before trying again or waiting a few years. Or how families seem to know when they have the right number of kids for them, how do they know that number?

  2. What are your thoughts on pancake syrups NOT from Vermont?

    I kid.

    Would you ever get a tattoo? Why or why not?

    Again, I kid.

    For serious this time: If money and time and rearing young children didn't stand in the way, what kind of ministry would you want to have? What would it look like? Who would you help? How would you help them? Why them?

  3. You seem like an excellent mother (I can only go off of what I see. And the fact that your children are simply amazing). And, your middle is just a little older than mine. I feel like I could ask you a million things. Like, when your 2-and-a-half year old gets some attitude and says, "No!" to something you've said, what do you do? I feel like discipline is the area I've struggled the most with. And I don't *like* punishment, but sometimes I feel that positive reinforcement doesn't work 100% of the time. Any suggestions?

  4. How did you and your husband meet? What's your love story? :)

  5. Did you work before you had kids? What did you do? Do you get your hair professionally colored or do you do it at home? If so what do you use?

  6. How did/do you handle eating time problems? Eg dropping food on floor, refusing to eat what served. How did it change as they got older 1 and up?

  7. How did/do you handle eating time problems? Eg dropping food on floor, refusing to eat what served. How did it change as they got older 1 and up?

  8. I've had people tell me it was harder going from 1 kid to 2 and some tell me it was harder going from 2 to 3. I have baby #3 on the way and am curious as to what you think? Was it harder for you to go from 1 to.2 or 2 or 3 and why?
    Also, how did you prepare yourself and your family for the new addition?

  9. I have questions!

    Let's talk about exersize! You seem to be working out a lot lately, is there a goal in sight? Are you training for something? Or just trying to be the hottest mommy on the block (cause ya are)?

    Do you guys still have a dog? What the latest with the chickens?

    Do your kiddos do chores yet? If so, how did you implement that?

    The end. :)

  10. As we are getting closer to thinking about starting a family, and eventually want 3 kids somewhat close in age (if we are so blessed), I am curious about your life as a SAHM :) Until recently, I had never considered staying at home with our (future) kids, even though that's what my mom did. Have you always wanted to stay at home, or if not how did you decide? And how do you know what to do with the kids every day? I feel like that is something that may just come naturally to some people, but do you have any sort of "curriculum" that you try to follow? If so, at what age do you start it? I think my future kids would be bored to death with me at home with them! ;)