Monday, January 14, 2013


Life happens in our breakfast nook. Today was beautifully sunny, after days of clouds, and it shown brightly, filtering through our curtains. I had to capture our afternoon with my camera. In all of its beautiful, messy glory. Because our reality is not always organized or tidy (in fact, it is rarely so) and I have surrendered my kitchen floors to the inevitable and mysterious stickiness that seems to appear only moments after cleaning. This is simply the reality of having children; three healthy, imaginative children. Even looking at these pictures now, my heart is full at memories that are made simply on the normal days.

This room is not only where we eat, but it is where we learn and play.

Where we gather together to laugh, make a mess, to create.

When we purchased this blessed table the weekend after our honeymoon, I told my husband that I wanted a butcher block top "to be durable for our kids someday". This table has not let us down.

Caleb organizes his papers while Naomi draws everywhere and Lydia claps measuring cups together.

Two tables in this room--the big table and the little table. The big table is where we mostly operate, the little table is for important committee meetings amongst the little ones.

It is here, amongst the sippy cups and goldfish and play-doh and papers haphazardly scrawled upon, that we learn. Not simply shapes, or colors, letters, or numbers, or how to draw or color in the lines. We learn how to be together. How to give and live together. How your organization can compliment her imagination. And how to inspire and encourage each other to grow.

This is my favorite room.

Have a lovely day.


  1. I AM going to have a lovely day, now that I've read this!

    Sweet and eloquent, thoughts exactly!

  2. The last few pictures you have posted of Caleb have shocked me to see how old he is looking! Such a handsome guy. Slow down, time!

  3. Love. The pictures, the room, the kiddos, the happy clutter of learning and fun and play. I feel a bit of an attachment to this room as well...we spend a lot of time there, too! ;). Great post.