Wednesday, December 19, 2012

This Week.

Last week was crazy, running errands and preparing for the craziness of this week: School party, school program, family Christmases beginning, church performance, family in town ...

... and it all came to a screeching halt when poor Cub got a high fever on Saturday. 

Poor buddy just did not feel good. So, halt did we. Instead of running around as planned, I spent my days (and very long nights) snuggling my chickadees as one by one they got hit with the nasty bug. 

And I wouldn't have changed a thing (well, except the illness). In light of recent events, my heart is heavy for those who have suffered loss. And I found myself keenly aware of every sigh, murmur, and coo from my kids as each took a turn in our room. I prayed over my children, aching for those who will never hold their own again. God knew the turmoil in my heart and used this time to remind me to be thankful for what I have on earth. I have no doubt that while I was here, snuggling my sick babies, He was snuggling those sweet children in heaven. He reminded me in my moments of helplessness that they are His, and His alone. We dedicated each of our children as babies, but I rarely question what it would be like to continue on without them. My faith has wrestled this week and God has been near.

I painted this canvas a few weeks ago and I needed that reminder this week. To take our long pause to be still and pray, openly, honestly. To cry. To believe His promises and rest in them. To be thankful for the ones we hold in our arms.

Hopefully, we are on the upswing. And, thankfully, this pause has prepared us to celebrate the true Joy of Christmas, to remember its Meaning and its Miracle. To marvel at the hope we desperately cling to.

 Cubbie's Class Christmas Pajama Party

Merry Christmas season, friends.

Have a lovely day.

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  1. Tears. Love them, love you, and now I'm going to go hug my girls REALLY tightly. :) Lovely reflection, and way to focus on the big picture in the midst of chaos.