Monday, December 3, 2012

Advent Calendar Ideas.

I received an email from a friend, asking how I chose the activities for my Advent calendar. The clothespin-and-paper idea came from Pinterest and the ideas I came up with on my own, based on the things that I know my kids like. This is the first year we've done something like this, since Cub and Naomi are old enough to actually enjoy it. We also read verses from an Advent Calendar I purchased last year. So, I figured I'd just show a list of our daily activities, if you want some ideas. It's still early enough in the month if you want to start!

Day One: Christmas Craft
Day Two: Light A Candle (Advent Wreath)
Day Three: Make Christmas Cookies
Day Four: Drive around to look at Christmas lights
Day Five: Add a piece to our Christmas village
Day Six: Give goodies to our neighbors
Day Seven: Visit the Festival of Trees with Memere
Day Eight: Make s'mores
Day Nine: Light A Candle (Advent Wreath)
Day Ten: Christmas Craft
Day Eleven: Make Christmas cookies (um, yes, again)
Day Twelve: Find three Salvation Army bell ringers (and give change from their piggy banks)
Day Thirteen: Visit a local college to see their Christmas lights
Day Fourteen: Christmas Craft
Day Fifteen: Donate two toys to Goodwill
Day Sixteen: Light a Candle (Advent Wreath)
Day Seventeen: Christmas Craft (yes, I know, lots of crafts ...)
Day Eighteen: Go Christmas Caroling
Day Nineteen: Make treats for friends
Day Twenty: Drive around to look at (different) Christmas lights
Day Twenty-One: Find three Salvation bell ringers (again!)
Day Twenty-Two: Christmas Craft
Day Twenty-Three: Light a Candle (Advent Wreath)
Day Twenty-Four: Christmas Eve Service
Day Twenty-Five: Christmas!

There you have it! Bring on the fun ... and the coffee. ;)

Have a lovely day!

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  1. Sign me up for days six and nineteen. :). Love these ideas!