Monday, November 12, 2012

ThanksChristmasgiving Time.

So, friends, it's fall. The leaves are falling, the air is cooler, the shadows are longer, and it is undoubtedly that blessed transition season between summer and winter. Glorious. Pumpkin spice is on the shelf, there's a fire in the fireplace, and Hobby Lobby is stocked to the hilt with Christmas stuff.

Wait, what?

Oh man, this used to BOTHER me! I hated how Thanksgiving had a few puny weeks of recognition at the beginning of October and then suddenly BAM! Out come the Christmas trees, Christmas candles, Christmas wreaths, Christmas Christmas Christmas. Before November even happens, Christmas is on the go, with commercialism fires burning, leaving poor Thanksgiving in its wake.



For some reason, this year it hasn't bothered me quite so much. Or, more accurately, I'm seeing it differently. I'm excited to see the Christmas stuff perched on the shelf. I'm excited for the holiday season. To quote my two year old, "It's my fave-wit!" In a lot of ways, I think the "season" of Thanksgiving is quite appropriate to usher in the "season" of Christmas. Gratitude is always a nice platform. And, I know, people have their anti-Thanksgiving sentiments, claiming the pilgrims were vegan or something and that it actually happened in Hawaii or whatever but I, for one, love Thanksgiving and the turkey and the sweet potato casserole and the general history behind it. Call me a sucker or naive. You're probably right and I don't care.


Either way, for some reason, this year I am seeing a bit of cohesiveness between the two seasons that has left me feeling fine with the onslaught of Christmas decor dominating the shelves of the stores I frequent. I mean, don't get me wrong--I'm not advocating the commercialism of it all--I'm speaking on the general spirit of it all. I really don't mind the overlap. 

But what do you think?

If you do a Christmas tree, do you set it up before or after Thanksgiving? Do you have a general rule?

Do you think Thanksgiving gets the recognition it deserves or do you even care at all?

Just some curious Christmas questions. :)

Happy Monday, friends!


  1. Let's see....we get our Christmas tree AFTER Thanksgiving, and it's a BIG production and a whole day's event around here! We usually leave it up until New Years.

    As for Thanksgiving, I think there needs to be a national onslaught of teaching the real events surrounding the day. Here in my neck of the woods (WA State) Thanksgiving is forgotten in stores. Halloween is the holiday and Thanksgiving isn't even whispered. Sad. I think Thanksgiving needs more than its two seconds of recognition, so that's what we're doing here in our home.

    I enjoy all of your posts!!!

  2. We go to the tree farm the day after Thanksgiving and cut down our tree and decorate it and put up all of our Christmas decor. It's a big deal every year. Love it. Sometimes we start Christmas decor the weekend before Thanksgiving so that after Thanksgiving it's mainly up. And I don't like rushing into Christmas in October. I prefer to wait and celebrate Thanksgiving. (-:


  3. Iffy thanksgiving is late then the tree goes up before. But if its early, like this year, then the day after.

  4. That should say "if". My iPad is acting crazy.

  5. I like the idea of it all being a season of thankfulness, no matter the specific holiday name. Commercialism will always be there, but the spirit of both holidays is what matters. Good point that the thankfulness of Thanksgiving should set the stage for celebrating Christ's birth. Good post!

  6. We like to do holidays one at a time. Thanksgiving is my husband's favorite holiday, and Christmas is my favorite. We compromised, and I generally don't start decorating for Christmas until the day after Thanksgiving (which is what my family did growing up), and we get to leave the tree up until after the new year. It makes for pretty pictures when we are all fancied up for New Years Eve :)

  7. Every year I find myself more and more anxious to set up a tree earlier. We get a real tree though, so we always do it the weekend after Thanksgiving (the first weekend tree farms are open). I can't wait!!! Kids make Holidays so much more fun!

  8. I like to put up our tree as quickly after Thanksgiving as possible! We do our thankful tree through November & read nativity books for Advent. I love celebrating the season. My little people make it even more wonderful & meaningful.