Monday, September 24, 2012

Goings-on. Goings-ons?

It's safe to say it's been a bit of a busy few weeks in our little corner of the world. More recently, this past weekend was spent cooped up with three sick little children, the littlest of which had/has a sad double ear infection while the older two kiddos are functioning as faucets of dripping snot, courtesy of the wind sweeping down the plains in the lovely land that is Oklahoma.

Allergy capital of the world, huzzah.

So, here is a sneaky-sneak at a tiny bit of the goings-on in our casa. Some big, some little, all true goings-ons.


Firstly: Orla Kiely. Pears. At our Target. Love me some Orla. Did I need hand soap? Was I lacking in dish soap? No, no I was not. Did I buy these? Yes, yes I sure did.

Secondly: Hey there, flannel and flats! This is my uniform for the fall. You know how trendy style blogs note where they purchased each item? I can make this one really easy for you! Flannel: Target. Tank: Target. Watch: Target. Skinnies: Target. Flats: Target. The background, however, is not Target, but is that of the bathroom in our church's children's wing. They had a big mirror and I couldn't help myself. Big mirrors beg for Instagram self-portraits.

Thirdly: My hubby and his bro are starting their own business. Yes I just typed that and yes my caloric consumption has slightly sky-rocketed because, let's face it, I eat my feelings and I HAVE BEEN FEELING ANXIOUS. But it's all good and we are very excited AND check out that awesome banner the kids helped me make. I hosted a family BBQ and deemed it the company's first picnic. First of many, y'all.

Fourthly: In lieu of recent events (see above), I am cracking down on our budgetary decisions and for us, cash is the best and quickest way for us to reformat things. Because, let's face it: Spreadsheets make me want to break out in hives. Since I didn't have an official cash-budget-wallet on hand (a wallet that contains envelopes for each expense category, like food, clothing, medical, etc.), I took a friend's advice and made my own! Using a bank drive-thru envelope as my template, I created several little envelopes with scrapbook paper that fit snugly in my wallet. Voila! Easy-peasy and, I think, quite cute.

There you have it!

Have a lovely day!


  1. Love the cash envelopes idea! We're planning to begin the cash system next month so I might have to try this out!

  2. Love the company picnic pic. :) And super cute envelopes! Dave Ramsey's marketing team should watch out! ;)

  3. I bought THE SAME soap last week! HAHA!

  4. I love the envelopes! We are the same way, we must use cash because we tend to double spend but the money isn't double deposited. I hate how that happens! I need a prettier way than just the bank envelopes and I'm totally stealing this idea!