Monday, August 13, 2012

Photo Challenge-ish.

A friend of mine recently did a photo-a-day challenge on Facebook. Her challenge required self-portraits only, but it got me thinking about my poor, neglected blog and my poor, neglected picture-taking and how a photo challenge might be a good way to revive both of them a bit. I found a photo challenge from Barca Designs Photography and jumped on board. Obviously, it's almost the middle of the month, but who says you have to start at the beginning? Eh?

Day One: Where you work.

Cliche as it seems, a lot of my time is spent in the kitchen. The kids gotta eat. Also, you're welcome for not picking up before I took this picture.

Day Two: Color: Blue.

Love my diaper bag.

Day Three: Hands. 
Couldn't get this picture to upload ...? And now it's almost time for bed and I don't want to try again.

Day Four: Lazy.

Sorry, George.

Day Five: Self-Portrait.

Day Six: Food.

My kids' favorite lunch: Fruit, turkey pepperoni, sharp cheddar cheese, crackers.

Day Seven: Handwriting.

Grocery list.

Day Eight: Silhouette. 

 This is technically more of a profile. But oh, I love her so.

 Day Nine: Animal/Pet.

See George above.

Day Ten: Color: Yellow.

The beloved hutch.

Day Eleven: Someone you love.

My boy.

Day Twelve: Black & White.

Family rules in the breakfast nook.

Day Thirteen: Eyes.

My best creepy-eye impression. I hope you are creeped out.

Have a lovely day.


  1. Oh my poor blog too. ;(

    I've seen these photo challenges floating around. Great idea to revive your blog. And I believe you have the best hair in blog land. It always looks fresh from the salon. ;)

  2. I love these types of posts! Great pics. Love the creeper face one the most. ;) Ha! And Caleb's smile. Love that one, too. :)

  3. Creeper face for the win!! Can I vote for a duck face self portrait?! PAH-LEEESE!!! :-)