Monday, August 20, 2012

Day Twenty: Macro. Grandma's Bowl.

This is not a macro (close-up) shot. My macro lens was shattered in a million pieces on accident (what happens when the camera strap is within reach of little hands ...) so this is the best I could do with my zoom. This is the bowl that became mine from my Grandma's estate. My Grandma on my Dad's side was a modern-day Quaker, never wore a spot of make-up, her thick braids were never cut, and the only jewelry to grace her hands were a watch and her wedding band. I found this bowl and it made me laugh because it seemed so audacious compared to my Grandma--the swirly pearlescent molding and the jeweled roses ... and yet, my Grandma was brave and smart, making it a point to receive her education and boarding a plane to fly from Pennsylvania to California to visit us twice a year. So, in some ways, this bold little bowl is, actually, very much like my Grandma. It sits in my hutch and I love the daily reminder of her.

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