Thursday, August 16, 2012

Day Sixteen: First Day of School.

Sniffle, sob, yay, WOW.


  1. Crazy! I'm sure Caleb will love it, and it will be fun for you to have some "girl time" with your other two!

  2. Katie, what did you end up deciding to do? I know you were debating between homeschool {which you obvuiously didn't do}, private, and public?

    1. I was actually going to write a post about that! The short version is this: With a lot of prayer and discussion, we concluded that Cub would do great in a short program this year. He's a bright little guy and we wanted him to have the chance to be challenged in a setting that wasn't only with family--to learn to respect an authority that wasn't related to him (besides Sunday School). Basically the experience of school. He'll go two days a week and the school has overtones of a classical education (although it is not a classical school) which we love. If I were to homeschool, the classical co-op I would want to join does not take students until they have turned four, which means Cub would need to wait another year before he could join. This gives us a year to continue to pray about the kind of education we feel God is leading us towards, while giving him the chance to make some new friends and learn in a new environment. Either way, we're taking it one year at a time.

      The school is a private Christian school, which is a must for us. We wouldn't do preschool if it weren't in a setting where he would learn Biblical Truth from his teacher.

      And that's it! I hope that makes sense.

    2. Oh, and by "respect authority" I mean for him to learn how to respond to someone else's rules. Not that he has respect issues or something. That sounded a little harsh!