Friday, June 29, 2012

Love: Triplets.

No. I'm not pregnant with triplets. Ha ha.

I found pics of my big kids when they were five months old to compare to Lydia. I always thought she looked just like Caleb, but now I'm not sure. Either way, it was fun to see all of my babies at the same age and can I just say, time flies. As in, I blink and my five month old is three and the other one is two and I suddenly have a brand new five month old. Goodness gracious.

So, there you go, some baby yumminess to start your weekend off right.

Have a lovely weekend, friends.


  1. What if you were pregnant with triplets...?


    Your three babies are gorgeous, and I love them. Give them a squeeze for me today.

  2. Caleb looks like you and the girls look like your Hubby :)