Friday, May 11, 2012

Love: The Week.

I had more blonde put in my hair. Yay, summer. Yay, blonde.

New things on the mantle for summer. Yay, summer. Yay, summery mantle.

A little encouragement in the playroom--the beginning of the Westminster Shorter Catechism. A good reminder for me to glorify God in all of goings-on, even if they feel menial. Love. So refreshing to enjoy His presence through the big and the small.

I finally bought new running shoes! They do make a difference. Everyone was right. 

I love them.

I started filling a mason jar with the funny things the kids say. It's been fun to add to it every day.

A scarf, to cleverly hide spit-up stains. I am covered in spit-up all day long. On my shoulders, down my back.

Sometimes, when the kids behave well after a morning of errand-running, I'll treat them to the car wash. They love it, even though Naomi's eyes are THIS BIG through the entire thing. :)

I did my best run thus far on Wednesday and was feeling good. I hate running, so it was very encouraging to see improvement, even if it was only a little improvement! 

And then ...

... this bouncy chair just jumped in front of me later that evening, resulting in ...

... a bruised and probably-broken toe. Pride literally came right before a fall! I busted my toe on that seat, did a freak-out run through the house, and ended up on the floor in Naomi's room, writhing in pain. At the time, one of the legs of the bouncy seat had been wedged under an end table by our couch, so it didn't budge when I stubbed my toe on it. OH OW.

Bouncy seats are dangerous. 

And I'm on a running break for a few days. :)

Today was a nice, restful day. Paint time with my big kids.

And plenty of snuggles with my littlest lady.

Ending the week feeling bruised, but blessed. :)

Have a lovely weekend.


  1. Yay for running! I love your hair. All the time. It always looks so nice.

    I hope your toe heals soon! Reading that made me cringe, as I've had our coffee table just jump out in front of me several times with the same result. ;) Ouch!

  2. Blast that bouncer for jumping out in front of your unsuspecting toes! Poor toes. Love the blonde hair for summer!