Thursday, April 5, 2012

Easter-y Preparations.

This year I am hosting Easter. Why? Because I excel at biting off more than I can chew. That's why.

But, really, of all of the holidays, Easter is an easy one to host. No bazillion gifts for everyone. No fireworks. No turkey that requires roasting or potatoes that require mashing. I can handle this gig. I think.

So, to prepare for our guests, the kids and I have done a few Easter-y things around the house. Firstly, I decided to spring-ify our entryway.

Yes, I am the old lady who puts silk flowers in her planters. I tend to kill living plants, so until I get the hang of ... what's it called? Watering? I will continue to use fake plants in almost all of my outdoor decorating. If you start seeing plastic pink flamingos springing up all over my yard, then you'll know I've officially lost it. Until then ... I just toe the line.

I love my green berry wreath. Please note that its berries are bordering on a dullish grey from sun-bleaching. I bought this wreath from Pier 1 two years ago and I just can't seem to bring myself to replace it. So, instead, I embellished it with (fake) flowers and the letter "B", which is the first letter of my last name. It is also the first letter in the word "Bazinga" from my favorite show "Big Bang Theory". Obviously, "B" has a prominent place in my heart.

While perusing the dollar aisle at Target, I found some metallic eggs and the kids had a fun time decorating our "Easter Tree", which has no purposeful significance, except that it was just something fun for the kids to do. The twisted hibiscus was pulled out of hiding once again and the kids love to see their handiwork.

While Pinteresting some Easter ideas, I came across the idea of cutting the kids' Easter lunch into bits and putting it in plastic eggs for them to open during their meal. For example, one egg could have part of a sandwich, one egg could have a few grapes, one egg could have some pretzels ... you get the idea. This is genius because it means the kids will be occupied for at least five minutes opening each egg, giving their parents time to take maybe five whole bites of their meal instead of the usual two. Score! I decided it would be fun for the kids to paint the crates where we will put their Easter Lunch Eggs, and of course they had a blast doing it.

Speaking of Easter eggs, my Mom and I were commiserating over what to put in the kids' plastic eggs this year for their Easter egg hunt. I'm not a huge fan of tons of candy, plus, much like Christmas, I want to keep the gifts to a reasonable limit, since this holiday celebrates something much greater. We thought maybe something like fruit snacks or graham crackers .... and then Voila! The idea hit us:

Why not fill their eggs with fun Annie's food? Fruit snacks, cinnamon bunnies, chocolate bunnies ... all delicious and not too horribly bad for them. And shoot, it's BUNNIES! After all, we aren't total bunny haters when it comes to Easter. This is fun without being, you know, grotesquely indulgent.

And, for us, we celebrate Easter because we celebrate the resurrection of Christ. I think the eggs and, yes, even the bunny, are harmless and fine, but we still want to make sure we do our part to rein it in and teach our kids why this holiday really is a reason to throw a party! I plan on stringing up some spring garland and flowers the night before, so the kids will see it when they wake up--a very easy visual of the LIFE that we have in Christ. And one of our projects this week focused on that, too. Taking a cue from the sun we did in their bathroom, I taped a cross with some masking tape on a canvas and the kids did a lovely job painting all over it. I then removed the tape once it dried and the kids loved the finished product!

(The blue swirls are courtesy of Caleb. "I paint gently," he explained while painting. He then walked to a corner and read a volume on the philosophical approach to existential theology. And then he solved a Rubik's cube. Five times. Eyes closed. One-handed.)

Ta-Da! They are so proud of it. I know they do not totally understand the concept of Easter, but I want to at least introduce it. Even if it means scraping dried paint off of my kitchen table when we're finished.

There you have it! Our Easter preparations. How about you? Do you have any crafts or traditions you want to share?

Have a lovely day!


  1. All great ideas - I am going to file this away for when our son (and hopefully future kids) are older.. I love the egg carton/egg idea for kiddie lunches, and I hope I live somewhere in the future where I can buy plastic eggs. And the painting - brilliant.. love it!!!

    Our main tradition right now is to eat the same main meal for Christmas and Easter, and hopefully in the long run it will be something that ties the two holidays together (we have a roast leg of lamb for both, but different sides). I'm looking forward to next year and the year after that when Josiah's a bit older and we can do things as a family that are a bit more focussed.

  2. That cross painting is adorable...and we are on our way to HobLob right now to copy you. :) Love it. I'm hosting as well, and we have yet to create any real traditions since E is only just now two. We'll do egg hunting this year, and maybe we'll do the cross painting each year or something like that. I like that idea. :)

  3. Kid's say the cutest things. The whole "I paint gently" comment is adorable.

    It is hard to explain the concept of Easter to a little one. My son is four and this is the first year he is really getting the concept. Still I think I'll save his first screening of "The Passion" until he's a bit older. ;) And I also agree that the bunny and eggs are harmless, but I really try to avoid being overindulgent at Easter.

  4. Of course I love your fake flowers and your genius ideas and your genius children, but I really love your heart to teach them NOW, not when they're old enough to "get it." Yesterday, I asked my kids why we call it good Friday if it reminds us of such an awful thing (Jesus' death on the cross). My five-year-old said, "Because Jesus died so that we could have eternal life. That's good." Yes, it is!