Monday, February 27, 2012

The Super Life, Explained.


The Super Striped Shirt: This is one of three shirts I alternate wearing. It gets washed occasionally, so don't worry. If we go out, I switch out the sweats for jeggings and throw on a black cardi and some jewelry ... and when we go to church I change completely ... but once we're home, back to the uniform. Comfy wins. However, I do like to at least wear mascara and do my hair every day, even if it's just a ponytail. I can still feel girly even when looking shlummy, right?

The Super Schedule: The meal calendar by which life exists. If this thing is filled out and organized, I am noticeably less-stressed. Meals have the potential to be the craziest times of day (inevitably the baby is crying/eating/pooping when the big kids are hungry and ready for food), so if I have a plan, I feel empowered, even if the plan doesn't work out--at least it was there in the first place. And feeling empowered is AWESOME. Also, have you tried Back to Nature macaroni and cheese? It's my kids' new favorite. Yum!

The Super Pre-Packaged Sandwich: Okay, okay, let's go ahead and forget for a minute that I always preach against packaged stuff and say that things should be made fresh and you should always use wheat bread blah blah blah. With my eldest child being three and my youngest two being under two, I am not above having someone else make my children's PB&J at this point. Besides, I serve them with fruit, so that helps, right? ;) Caleb refers to them as the "circle sandwich" and it therefore wins tons of cool points. High-five, Uncrustables.

The Super Crocker: Refer back to the Super Schedule--notice how almost EVERY meal is a crock-pot meal. I know what you're thinking. Crock-pot meals are crusty and dry and bland. Let me also inform you that crock-pot meals are EASY. And easy wins! But, seriously, most of the meals we've made have been quite tasty and I love that dinner is ready by the time dinner time rolls around. Fantastic. Plus, there are healthy options out there, too. Here is a yummy crock-pot carnitas dish. I serve it with sour cream and avocado on a warm corn tortilla. Mmmm.

The Super Crack: The 82% gives me the extra dose of caffeine I need to make it through the afternoon. Or sometimes the morning. Or sometimes ... both.

The Super Sling: Without it, errands would not be possible. Can you see her in there? Little papoose. Note also the Super Starbucks, Mama's Super Treat!

Our super life is crazy, but not out of control.
Challenging, but not impossible.
Unpredictable, but always fun.
Exhausting, but equally rewarding.

I wouldn't have it any other way.

Have a lovely day!


  1. Look at you Super Mom. ;)

    So glad everything seems to be going so well for you! I live by prepackaged PB&J, the snack drawer, CHOCOLATE and my crock pot. Life savers.

  2. It all looks very familiar! :) Especially the chocolate. For the first 2 months of Hannah's life, I loved my afternoon dark chocolate pick me up!!

  3. What kind of sling do you use? I'm registered for the Moby, but it looks pretty intimidating...

    1. Hey! This is actually a homemade sling I'm borrowing from a friend. I will say that I've purchased slings that are the same style as this one and I've never liked them--they're too big. However, this one is nice and snug, probably thanks to the material that was used. My friends who use the Moby really love it and I think the material has a lot to do with that. All that to say, with my very limited experience :), I would probably stick to the Moby before buying a sling in this style, unless you can get someone to make one for you with good fabric! You want your little one to be nice and snug and I know the Moby can accomplish that, once you get the hang of maneuvering it. The Bjorn has always worked well for us, too, but this one is nice while she's tiny. Good luck!

  4. I especially like the flexed super muscle in the first pic. ;) Lydia loved that sling--kind of forgot she was with us that day! She was so happy and snuggly! :)