Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Jane, Explained.

I guess I never really explained how we made the middle name transition from "Bourgette" to "Jane" for Lydia! The day before my due date, the middle name discussion came up again and I could tell my husband wasn't totally on board with "Bourgette". We went through a list of family names (AGAIN) and came up short (AGAIN), until I meekly offered "Jane". My sister-in-law's middle name is Jane (Laura Jane) and my niece's middle name is Jane (Nadia Jane). So, it's a family name ... and it also happens to be the middle name of my best friend's littlest one, Delia Jane. My husband liked it immediately and I did, too, but I wanted to check with my friend to make sure that if we used it, she wouldn't think I was being a name creeper or anything.

She assured me I wasn't.

Now that Lydia is here, I adore her name. It fits well with the other kids' names, too: Caleb Scott and Naomi Kate...and Lydia Jane. Love it.

There you have it.

Have a lovely day!


  1. Still say they need to start a rock group called "The Janes." Then they can get rich and afford to put us in the really good nursing home when we're old. ;)

  2. Just so you know, Naomi was on my short list for naming Hope, and as long as you'll still be my friend, it probably will be again if/when God blesses us with another baby! I love that you & your bestie share babies the same age & same middle name. What a sweet, perfectly timed gift those two are!

  3. Yeah, it's totally perfect. Love them all :)

  4. It does fit much better...so pretty!

  5. Naomi & Jane were both on my lists too! :) I love her name!