Friday, February 3, 2012

Chickie Chickie.

How are the chickadees doing?

They are laying. Oh yes, they are laying. This picture was taken after I gave a dozen eggs to a friend. We have a surplus! When the weather is good, we get 4-5 eggs a day. Now that it's colder, we get two or three. It's great.

Our poor banty (our rooster) got attacked by a hawk the other day. Our neighbor saw it and texted my husband. He survived, although he is missing a few feathers! Hawks are a big threat as of now, so we keep the chickens cooped a lot of the day and let them run around for an hour or so (there have been a lot of coyotes around lately, too). Their coop has an open pen on the bottom so they can still scratch and eat bugs while safely locked in. They've been a fun addition to the family and hopefully the winter won't be too harsh for them. They do have a heat lamp, so that helps!

Great question!

Have a lovely day!


  1. Do you notice a difference in the quality of the eggs? There's no way we can have chickens living in a flat in the city.. but I dream of the day...

  2. Yes! The yolks are more orange and denser than store-bought. The shells are harder, too. And we think they taste better. :)

  3. Having tasted the aforementioned eggs, I can say that they DO taste better! So fresh and rich. Yum. Need more. ;)