Friday, January 20, 2012

Pancakes with PawPaw.

Once a week, the kids and I load up and head over to their PawPaw's house for breakfast. PawPaw is my husband's maternal grandpa and he makes some pretty yummy pancakes. We have lovingly dubbed our visits as "Pancakes with PawPaw".

My grandparents lived 2,000 miles away when I was a kid and I never knew my great-grandparents, so these visits are special for me to see with my kids. Even as a stay-at-home Mom, my life is busy, and I'm glad we've carved out intentional time to come and visit. It's been so sweet to see the kids warm up to being at PawPaw's house--our visits used to be sparse, but the frequency has made them quite comfortable--not only at the house, but around their eighty year-old great grandfather, too. They immediately climb into their respective seats at the table, gobble their pancakes, and run upstairs to play with PawPaw's marbles, begging him to come along. After, of course, a quick stop inside Granny's room to say hello (she is primarily bed-ridden).

I hope the kids remember these sweet times with their PawPaw.

Have a lovely weekend, friends.

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  1. So sweet! I too grew up far away from grandparents, and it has really influenced me to make those relationships a big priority for my children.