Monday, January 23, 2012

Forty Weeks.

Sleep: What's that? :)

Energy: Waning, but still there. The lack of sleep may have something to do with that. That and the fact that crawling on all fours is the most comfortable position for me right now.

Wardrobe: Down to two shirts and one pair of jeans. Hang in there, clothes!

Weight gain: Down two pounds at my last appointment, which I think is normal at this point in pregnancy. Because my ice cream consumption has remained steady. Calcium, folks, calcium.

Feelings: Okay friends, here we go ... I feel READY! I've finally hit the "done" phase. She may make her appearance any day, thank you very much! The anticipation is really exciting. I'm nervous about having a natural birth, but I'm excited, too. I'm just really ready to hold my baby girl in my arms. Let's do this, Lydia!

Oh, and we've had a middle name change. Last minute. Maybe this is why she's waited so long to come! NOW we're ready. :)

Have a lovely day!


  1. You look fantastic! Here's hoping for a safe, natural delivery for you SOON:)

  2. You made it! And you've done so with grace. :) You look lovely...but now it's time for Lydia to meet her adoring fans!!! ;)