Thursday, December 29, 2011

Buzz. Slap.

I'm walking through the waiting room at my doctor's office.

A guy is sitting there with his wife/girlfriend/sister/etc. who is pregnant.

He gestures towards my stomach and chuckles.

Guy: "Looks like you've been stung by a bee, too!"

My mind clicks down the list of possible responses to his attempt at humor:

1) Give a courteous smile and continue walking. Quickly.
2) Freak him out by crying and running for the door. He just called me fat, right?
3) Give a clever response.

Me, putting my hands on my burgeoning stomach:

"Yes, sir! And it must have been a BIG BEE!"

You roll with the punches, right?

Have a lovely day.


  1. You did good, but honestly, I would have PAID to see you act out #2. Just saying.

  2. Oh my, well, what can you do? I'm tired of all the looks that people give, especially at the gym! For the love! I'm not going to have this baby on the elliptical thank you very much!