Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Even Bathroom Breaks Are Accompanied By Little Hands Knocking.

I sneak in a quick shower before the kiddos are up.

The breakfast show gets up and running and both are fed. I call the doctor because Naomi is congested and hoarse.

Help with shoes and boots and dressing and diapers and pottying and etc.

Loading in the van. Buckling, adjusting, toy-distributing. Sippy cups, check.

Trip to the grocery store.

Trip to the doctor. Just a cold.

Drive-thru lunch.

Naomi falls asleep in the car and gets put down at home.

Cub and I eat lunch and play a game.

Cub goes down for a nap.

I organize our pantries and chop the peppers and chicken for fajitas for dinner.

I sit down on the couch and Naomi promptly wakes up.

I feed Naomi lunch.

I attempt to make pumpkin spice muffins while Mouse plays at my feet.

The muffins are an epic fail and all I have to show for them is a pile of dishes.

Cub wakes up.

I put both kids in shoes, grab some paperwork, head out the door.

More loading, buckling, adjusting, toy-distributing. Sippy cups, check.

I drop paperwork off, run to Target.

Zoom through Target with a brief pause to check out the Christmas trees with a wide-eyed Cub.

Come home, unload Target purchases, walk to the end of our loooong driveway to retrieve our huge trash can and roll it back. In the rain.

I let the chickens out, collect eggs, and head inside to clean dishes from the muffins.

Dishes get done, time to start dinner.

I start dinner while two hungry kiddos observe and occasionally beg.

We sit down to dinner and my legs ache from not sitting for a long time.

Prayer, chatting, nudging to take more bites. Crumbs on the floor, on the table, on the Mouse.

Dadda comes home as we finish up.

I run and give him the biggest hug and tell him I'm so glad he's home.

While he eats dinner, Naomi bonks her head and comes running to me for comfort.

She cries so hard she throws up on me.

I change her and myself.

I load the dishwasher and wash the remaining dinner dishes by hand.

My husband puts her to bed as I pick up a few wayward toys.

All with a 30-Week pregnant-for-the-third-time-in-three-years belly. My body is beside itself.

My husband is now playing with Cub while I sit down for ten minutes by myself to type this post.

One word to describe motherhood?


The good, the bad, the busy.

Have a lovely day.


  1. Awe, I feel you! Sounds exactly like my day yesterday, except about an hour before bed time, I realized I had a fever. I tried (key word) laying down to rest my nearly 39 week belly and the kids kept crying and asking if Mama was okay. Apparently, in their 1.5 and 3 years of life, they've never seen their Mama sit or lay down. ;) It was HUGE to them. Something HAD to be severely wrong. Poor kids.

  2. Love this post! I always wonder about the days of my fellow moms! I especially love this because i realize how many pockets of down time I enjoy with just one child, and I know those are coming to an end. It's a good reminder to enjoy those before things REALLY get constant!

  3. Constant. The perfect summation. On a day when my husband comes home from work and asks what we did and the boys reply, "nothing," I really want to hand him post like this one, which paints a more accurate picture of the "nothing" which has taken place. :)

  4. Just found your blog and love it! Mercy. Constant really is the best word. I had two within a year and it's a constantly busy time. Thinking of you as you add one more to the mix!